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Kushal Jakhria becomes the youngest player to reach a 2000 national rating

7-year-old Kushal Jakhria is the youngest English player to reach a 2000 national rating! With two victories and one draw at the Leyland Open U2200, Kushal crossed the 2000 ECF national rating, breaking the age record of Abhimanyu Mishra who became the youngest US player to get the rating of 2000. Mishra crossed this rating barrier at seven years, six months and 22 days, later becoming the youngest grandmaster ever. Jakhria broke this record by nearly two months, getting the national rating of 2000 at seven years and five months.

With the outstanding performance at the Chessable British Chess Championships 2022, Kushal earned an impressive 199.6 ELO FIDE rating points and crossed the 1800 international rating. With the FIDE rating of 1823, Jakhria Kushal is the best ranked 7-year-old in the World.

Kushal Jakhria in action at the ChessFest rapid play day; Photograph: Andrew Moss
Kushal Jakhria broke the record for youngest player to reach a national rating of 2000. Photo by: Brendan O’Gorman

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