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Las Vegas Chess Festival 2022

Las Vegas Chess Festival 2022 is taking place 8-12 June. It includes the National Open, the US Women’s Open, International Youth Championship and many side events. Live games from Las Vegas Chess 2022 here

The National Open

The National Open is a 7 round (9 rounds for the Open Section) Swiss System tournament, and you can choose between the standard 4-day or alternate 3-day or 2-day playing schedules. Half-point byes are available for all rounds, with proper notice to the Tournament Directors or with your advance entry. The Open, Under 2300 and Under 2100 Sections will be FIDE rated.

The National Open is one of America’s longest running premier Open tournaments. First established by Ed Edmondson in 1965, Fred Gruenberg brought the tournament back to Las Vegas in 1983. He and Alan Losoff organized the National Open for over 25 years and added to its well-deserved reputation as The Chess Vacation of the Year. Over the years, with additional championships and events, the National Open has grown to become the centerpiece of the Las Vegas International Chess Festival.

Las Vegas International Chess Festival 2015
Swiss System US Chess Rated Tournament

9 Round FIDE rated Open Section with GM & IM norms possible
7 Rounds in Lower Sections
Under 2300 and Under 2100 Sections are FIDE rated
Beginners section has 3 separate 1-day schedules of 6 rounds each

Time Control

40/90, SD/30, +30 second increment
3-day rounds 1 & 2   Game/60 +10 second increment
2-day rounds 1 – 4   Game/30 +5 second increment
Beginners Sections  Game/30 +5 second increment

Sections & Eligibility

Open (Championship)       Under 1900
Under 2300                        Under 1700
Under 2100                        Under 1500
Under 1300 with separate under 1000 prize
Beginners: Unrated or provisionally 1300 or lower

Open section is open to all players. Under sections are open only to players with ratings lower than the section limit. Players with provisional ratings (based on 25 games or fewer) may not win an amount greater than 40% of the top prize in any under section of the National Open; the balance of the prize goes to next players in line.

Players without official ratings may only play in one of the top 2 sections or in one or more Beginner section schedules. Verified foreign ratings may used if reliable conversion is possible. FIDE ratings are converted by USCF = FIDE + 50 if FIDE >= 2200, USCF = 0.765 x FIDE + 560 if FIDE < 2200.

June FIDE ratings will be used for the Open section, official June US Chess ratings will be used for all other sections. Other ratings, including US Chess online ratings, may be used if higher. If your rating changes in the June supplement you will be moved up automatically or down on request. Players rated more than 100 points higher than the section limit during the last 2 years may be moved to a higher section.

The decision of the chief tournament director regarding eligibility, rating adjustments, conversions, unofficial ratings, the CCA minimum rating list or other rating issues is final.

Every effort will be made to start players in the appropriate section, but if an error is discovered late in the tournament it will be corrected.  If there is any reason you may not be eligible for the section you entered, be sure to ask for a review before Round 1 is paired.

Mixed Doubles Prizes

2 player teams, with one male player and one female player. The average rating of the teammates must be below 2200. Teammates may play in different sections or schedules of the National Open. Each player must sign up on site before both players have started round 2. Prize limits do not apply. Only the first 7 round results are used for players in the Open Section, the best day counts for players in the Beginners Section.


1/2 point byes are available in any round if requested at least 2 hours in advance. Sunday byes must be requested before the start of round 4 and may not be cancelled after round 4 starts.


Membership in the U.S. Chess Federation is required of all players except foreign GMs or IMs. You may join with your entry or on site. Players will not be allowed to complete the tournament without a valid membership.

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