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Lazaro Bruzon breaks the 2700 barrier

In the seveth round of Campeonato Catalán de Ajedrez, the Cuban Grandmaster Lazaro Bruzon won his 4th consecutive game, which also broght him into the 2700 club. Currently the live rating of Bruzon is 2705, putting him between Malakhov and Vitiugov, and making him the second Cuban player to be member of the club besides Dominguez.

The next tournament of Lazaro Bruzon is the strong Capablanca Memorial 2012.

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More about Lazaro Bruzon

Lázaro Bruzón Batista (born 2 May 1982) is a chess grandmaster from Cuba. On the January 2011 FIDE list his Elo rating is 2686. Bruzón was the 2000 World Junior Chess Champion. In 2004 he finished first at the XII Torneo “Guillermo Garcia” in Memoriam in Villa Clara. In 2005 he won the American Continental Championship and tied for 2nd-5th with Kamil Mitoń, Zhang Pengxiang and Artyom Timofeev in the Samba Cup in Skanderborg. In 2008 he came first in the 35th open tournament in Manresa. In 2010 he tied for 1st-6th with Kamil Mitoń, Bojan Kurajica, Yuri Gonzalez Vidal, Evgeny Gleizerov and Bartlomiej Heberla in the 4th Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez Ciudad de La Laguna and tied for 1st-2nd with Ivan Salgado Lopez at Barcelona.

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