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Levon Aronian’s Beauty of Chess

Chess is a complex game, something that even Elon Musk fails to grasp completely. After only five moves, a game of chess has 69,352,859,712,417 possible positions. You can master all of the patterns, opening tabiyas, and thematic tactics in the world. But when you run into a position that’s “out of the box” — and you will — it’s your ability to find unique solutions that will carry you through! If you’d love to unlock the creative problem-solver in you, then Grandmaster Levon Aronian (peak 2830 FIDE) is the man to turn to! He has just released his Chessable Levon Aronian’s Beauty of Chess Vol 1

Spectacular positional sacrifices, playing with “busted” pawns, the dangers of “academic” chess, when to slow down and take stock, slick exchanging maneuvers and more comes with over 12 hours of video, where Aronian adds extra layers of super-GM insights.

Get your copy of Levon Aronian’s course here

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