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Liberia determines National Teams for 44th Chess Olympiad

The Liberian Chess Federation organized Olympiad Selection Open and Women’s tournaments to determine the five players who will represent Liberia at the upcoming 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai. The event took place from 28 May – 5 June in Monrovia.

The Men’s team was selected after 11 swiss rounds in the Open tournament which attracted 26 entries. CM Daniel Kolliemelen won the event with outstanding performance and 10/11 points. FM Harmon Barcon was silver with 8.5 points while Arnold Smith claimed bronze with 8 points. Ebiekuta Joel came fourth with 7 points, while the last 5th spot for the Olympiad Team went to Thomas Saah who had better tiebreaks than Anthony Waylea who scored the same number of 6.5 points, but didn’t make it to the team. (scroll down for final rankings)

Liberia Team (Open section):

  1. CM Daniel Kolliemelen (1772)
  2. FM Harmon Barcon (1879)
  3. Arnold Smith (1897)
  4. Ebiekuta Joel O. (1806)
  5. Thomas Saah (1883)
Daniel Kolliemelen The Winner of Liberian Open Olympiad Selection tournament

Six players fought for five available spots in the Women’s Liberian National Team in 10 double round-robin competition. Meleh Davis won the event with 7.5 points, Tarplah Windor was silver with 7 points, while Teta Thompson clinched bronze with 6 points. Princess Banney took the fourth spot scoring 5 points, while the final seat for India went to Kemvee Sambola with 3.5 points. (scroll down for final rankings)

Liberia Team (Women’s section):

  1. Meleh Davis
  2. Tarplah Windor
  3. Teta Thompson
  4. Princess Banney
  5. Kemvee Sambola
Meleh DavisThe Winner of Liberian Women’s Olympiad Selection tournament

In spite of the challenges, the Liberian Chess Federation ensured that the games were broadcasted live with video streaming, holding the event on the highest possible level.

187 countries with 343 teams (189 in the Open section and 154 in the Women’s section) enrolled for the record-breaking 44th Chess Olympiad 2022. A number of countries already revealed the composition of their teams for Chennai, such as: NorwayEnglandGermanySpainSerbiaUSA 1USA 2Netherlands,  IndiaAzerbaijan, France, Greece, MontenegroMonacoKenyaUgandaSri Lanka,  MalawiSouth Sudan,  MongoliaArgentinaRwanda

Final rankings – Liberia Olympiad Selection (Open section):

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1CMDaniel Kolliemelen LBR17721006558.3
2FMHarmon Barcon LBR18798.507145.3
3 Arnold Smith LBR1897807150.3
4 Ebiekuta Joel O. LBR1806707038.8
5 Thomas Saah LBR18836.517234.5
6CMWaylea,Jr Anthony LBR19686.507240.8
7CMJohn Jallah LBR1929606430
8 James Tondo LBR1895606334.3
9 Wallace O. Williams LBR1683606026.5
10 David Leroy Debblay LBR1820605829.8
11CMAbraham Kalokoh LBR1665605527.8
12 Jerrus Diggs LBR17195.507031
13 Kiadii Charles Haji LBR19125.505924
14 Alvin Siryon LBR15615.505519
15 Wesley Obey LBR05.505517
16FMJacob Jallah LBR18485.505323.5
17 Chea Mavis LBR1529526323.5
18 Foday W. Kondoh LBR1706516021
19 Kennedy Zinnah Kengo LBR1714506019.5
20 Harold Evans LBR16524.506426.3
21 Greene, Jr. Josiah E. LBR04.505316
22 Bedell James LBR03.50498.75
23 Moore Miller LBR174520512.5
24 Martin Doe Jr. LBR01.50464
25 Israel Sambola LBR011561
26 Johnwaye Monyou N. LBR162210476


Final rankings – Liberia Olympiad Selection (Women’s section):

1Meleh N. DavisLBR07,50,0730,25
2Tarplah WindorLBR07,00,0732,50
3Teta ThompsonLBR06,00,0621,50
4Princess K. BanneyLBR05,00,0518,50
5Kemvee H. SambolaLBR03,50,0310,75
6Miatta B. SambolaLBR01,00,017,00

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