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GM Alexandra Kosteniuk and GM Christian Bauer will cover all Linares games in round 3

Live on at 16,00 CET

The World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk will make her first appearance as live commentator on in round 3 of Linares chess 2010. Behaving as a true and exemplary World Champion, GM Kosteniuk participates in the chess community every day – in simuls, tournaments, promotional games, making chess videos, having interviews and photo sessions for top magazines, making appearances on TV, participating in the women chess FIDE commission, and promoting the game around the world. On Monday, February 15, she will comment a game live on in front of an audience of about 100 000 chess fans at 16,00 CET.

GM Christian Bauer, a resident commentator at Chessdom, will cover the rest of the games. He is currently finishing a fantastic chess book (expect news about it soon!) and will join us for the whole day with instructive commentary.


The Chess Queen Kosteniuk joins the commentators team

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