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Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu wins the 2nd leg of Romanian Grand Prix

The 2nd leg of the 2022 Romanian Grand Prix series took place 4-11 June in Targu Mures.

German grandmaster Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu triumphed in the tournament scoring 7/9 points and pocketing the money prize of 25.000 lei (5.000 euros). FM Ihor Samunenkov was second with 6.5 points, while a group of 6 players tied for third place with the same score of 6 points.

IM Irina Bulmaga scored 5.5 points to be the best ranked woman player, finishing the event in the 14th place on the overall standings. (scroll down for final rankings)

The 3rd stage of the Romanian Grand Prix will take place from 20-28 August in Miercurea Ciuc.
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Final rankings – Romanian Grand Prix Targu Mures:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1GMNisipeanu Liviu-Dieter GER264570235844
2FMSamunenkov Ihor UKR24336.50238142
3GMPetrov Martin BUL254360239945
4IMSchitco Ivan MDA247260239844
5IMMacovei Andrei MDA247060239046
6GMManolache Marius ROU247260235840
7IMDavid Alexandru-Vasile ROU242760234744
8GMSzabo Gergely-Andras-Gyula ROU251660231741
9CMFilip Andrei ROU22325.50243045
10IMGorodetzky David ISR24965.50240346
11CMMagold Filip ROU21565.50232643
12GMMiron Lucian-Costin ROU25105.50230440
13IMVasiesiu Dan ROU23855.50229743
14IMBulmaga Irina ROU23965.50229138
15GMJianu Vlad-Cristian ROU25275.50225941
16IMBaltag Iulian MDA24115.50222538
17IMBrunello Marina ITA23555.50209537
18FMStepanencu Nicodim-Cosmin ROU223550236843
19IMCosma Ioan ROU239650226640
20FMYordanov Lachezar BUL230650226242
21IMFilip Lucian-Ioan ROU238550224841
22GMNevednichy Vladislav ROU249650221936
23WIMTerbe Julianna HUN229350219440
24GMIstratescu Andrei ROU245250219335
25IMSoltanici Ruslan MDA238150217540
26FMPasti Aron HUN238250213136
27ISachilaru Alexandru ROU211350208436
28WGMSandu Mihaela ROU22704.50233845
29IVeress Armand ROU21004.50229738
30IMManea Alexandru ROU23604.50226541
31FMSamani Yamac TUR23364.50225941
32WFMCiolacu Alessia-Mihaela ROU21994.50213437
33IMintau Andrei-Catalin ROU21304.50204832
34CMAntal Hunor-Zoltan ROU222340235842
35NMBonte Andrei-Mihai ROU234340229743
36INegrean Andrei ROU184040229637
37ICoicev Matei-Andrei ROU202740222437
38ITampea Radu ROU203740221836
39CMVilcu Matei-Stefan ROU218440218237
40CMRadu David Cr ROU194140217834
41IPrelipcean Eric-Matei ROU188340217234
42IMPetre Nad-Titus ROU229740216537
43WIMLehaci Miruna-Daria ROU216340215837
44INagy-Elek Tamas ROU188040200431
45 Draghici Flutur Gavril ESP210040186931
46ISaioc David ROU18973.50224238
47CMCnejev Vladimir-Alexandru ROU22233.50215239
48WCMMaria Lia-Alexandra ROU17493.50198828
49IAnghelescu Teodor-Stefan ROU16883.50189532
50WGMCosma Elena-Luminita ROU227630219640
51FMRusan Paul-Cristian ROU211430206037
52IBadica Ariana ROU145830188632
53FMPribeanu Mihail-Dacian ROU217530188433
54WCMSchiopu Oana-Magdalena ROU168330175626
55WCMStefan Iulia-Cristiana ROU16462.50189131
56WCMPuia Alexia-Teodora ROU17872.50188429
57IBira Andrada-Paraschiva ROU16851.50180827


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