Magnus Carlsen wins Bilbao Masters Final with round to spare

World champion Magnus Carlsen has secured the winner’s trophy in 9th Bilbao Grand Slam Masters Final with one round to go. Carlsen has 16 points from 9 games (football scoring), five points ahead of the nearest follower Hikaru Nakamura. This will be Carlsen’s third “Txapela” from Bilbao.

In the ninth round Carlsen scored a victory against Anish Giri, his first ever, while the other two games were drawn.

Magnus Carlsen wins Bilbao Masters Final

Round 9 results:
Magnus Carlsen (Norway) – Anish Giri (Netherlands) (3 hours and 28 minutes/45 moves) 3-0
Yi Wei (China) – Wesley So (USA) (1 hour and 57 minutes/31 moves) 1-1
Hikaru Nakamura (USA) – Sergey Karjakin (Russia) (1 hour and 34 minutes/34 moves) 1-1

Round 9 standings:
1. Magnus Carlsen (Norway) – 16
2. Hikaru Nakamura (USA) – 11
3-4. Yi Wei (China) and Wesley So (USA) – 10
5. Sergey Karjakin (Russia) – 8
6. Anish Giri (Netherlands) – 6

Bilbao Masters Final R9 1

Despite securing the title, Carlsen still wants more: “It doesn’t matter that I have already won. Tomorrow I want to play and fight and if Wesley is also inclined, we will have a nice game”, the world champion stated in relation to the match against So with which he will draw the tournament to a close.

The pairings for day 10, the last of the tournament, set to take place on Friday in the Campos Theatre, are as follows: So-Carlsen, Giri-Nakamura and Karjakin-Wei. On the last day, the matches will kick off an hour before the usual time, starting at 15:00.

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