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Magnus Carlsen’s courses – Olympiad sale at Chessable

There are only four days to the end of the Chess Olympiad 2022 in Chennai. To celebrate the occasion, Chessable is having multiple courses on sale with discount. Among those courses, there are two beautiful gems by the World Champion himself – The Magnus Touch: Endgame and The Magnus Touch: Chess Strategy. Both courses are authored by Magnus Carlsen in cooperation with GM Nielsen, IM Sielecki, & co-presented by IM John Bartholomew.

The Magnus Touch: Endgame

This is Carlsen’s course on the art of converting the tiniest of advantages – and even equal endgames – into mind-blowing wins. “This is by far the most comprehensive collection of my own games’ analysis I’ve done. I learned a lot from this, and I hope you will too!” says Magnus Carlsen.

Get your copy of The Magnus Touch: Endgame here

The Magnus Touch: Chess Strategy

This course is a medalist for Course of the Year 2020! Inside Magnus Carlsen discusses strategy in sharp positions, trading dynamic & static advantages, maneuvering & piece play and more.

Get your copy of The Magnus Touch: Chess Strategy here

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