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Maurice Ashley – The Secrets of Chess Geometry

Maurice Ashley is joining the Chessable family with his new course “The secrets of Chess Geometry“. GM Ashely commented, “My first ever Chessable course, The Secrets of Chess Geometry, is now out! A dream come true.”

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley makes his Chessable debut with a unique tactics course that will change the way you see the 64 squares. You won’t just learn about pins, skewers, and forks like your typical tactics course. Rather, you’ll learn how to recognize the basic building blocks of tactics – the geometric relationships between squares and pieces – so that you can spot even the most “hidden” possibilities. The world famous chess commentator and author invites you to his “Matrix Board” to show how you can bend time and space of the chess board like a real-life Neo. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn inside: Master the principles of collinearity and concurrency, Use the Novotny Theme, Dominate your opponent’s pieces with the Seven of Nine tactic, Zig-zag your way to success with clever king and queen maneuvers, and more.

Due to the visional nature of the lessons, GM Ashley’s in-depth video walkthroughs really ingrain the geometric relationships into your mind. And reinforced with over 200 exercises, you’ll internalize these concepts in no time.

Step into the Matrix and bend time and space over the chess board – get The Secrets of Chess Geometry by GM Maurice Ashley today.

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