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Meet your one-on-one chess tutor: Chessity’s teaching bots

chessity 3One-to-one tutoring has long been thought the most-effective approach to chess teaching, or any teaching for that matter. In many circumstances, however, this is simply not feasible. That’s where artificial intelligence comes to your aid. Teaching bots can serve as your own intelligent tutor system.

Artificial intelligence is a game changer in education, experts say. Chessity has used machine learning to make lessons personalized since the start. This has made the online chess learning platform highly popular with both chess coaches and schools, and chess players without a personal trainer or tutor.

And now, Chessity’s developers have taken artificial intelligence to an even higher level. Based on sophisticated algorithms, Chessity now incorporates smart teaching bots that provide timely guidance, feedback, and explanations to the learner. Besides they analyze your learning behavior, measure your chess level and adapt the level of difficulty correspondingly.

Combined with the positive effects of gamified learning, this newly added artificial intelligence make Chessity the most advanced way to learn chess.

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