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Michael Adams wins Cambridge International Open 2023

The Cambridge International Open 2023 took place from 15-19 February 2023 in Cambridge, England. The event was played as a 9-round Swiss tournament with more than 120 entries and the prize fund of 4.200£.

The top-seeded GM Michael Adams won the event scoring 8/9 points. With two draws, one in the first, and the other one in the last round, the 7-time British Champion emerged as the sole leader of the tournament. GM Daniel Fernandez followed with 7.5 points, while four players tied for third place scoring 7 points. GM Oleg Korneev had the best tiebreak criteria to finish the event in third position, IM Harry Grieve was fourth, IM Boris Golubovic came fifth and FM Bao Nghia Dong finished sixth.

Photo by: Shohreh Bayat

Final standings:

Rk. NamesexFEDRtgTB1TB2TB3
1GMAdams, Michael ENG27578048
2GMFernandez, Daniel H ENG25197.5050
3GMKorneev, Oleg ESP25897049
4IMGrieve, Harry ENG25147048
5IMGolubovic, Boris CRO23497048
6FMDong, Bao Nghia VIE24147043
7IMClarke, Brandon G I ENG25886.5050
8GMDardha, Daniel BEL26126.5048
9 Itgelt, Khuyagtsogt MGL21586.5046
10GMGormally, Daniel W ENG24936.5044
11GMBosiocic, Marin CRO25646048
12 Payne, Matthew J ENG21826047
13FMCzopor, Maciej POL25196047
14 Ismail, Mohammed Aayan ENG23536046
15FMBazakutsa, Svyatoslav UKR23306046
16GMArkell, Keith C ENG25066046
17GMTurner, Matthew J SCO24876046
18 Shafi, Declan SCO22656044
19FMWall, Tim P ENG23056040
20IMRoberson, Peter T ENG25105.5048
21FMAnand, Batsukh MGL22395.5045
22 Waller, Dan ENG21635.5044
23IMHunt, Harriet VwENG23495.5044
24 Fava, Lorenzo ITA21725.5044
25 Saunders, Aron ENG22605.5043
26 Crocker, Philip J ENG22125.5043
27 Hobson, Kenneth ENG21515.5042
28GMHebden, Mark L ENG25105.5042
29CMVilliers, Thomas ENG22955.5041
30 Pert, Max P ENG20475.5041
31 Nawalaniec, Adam POL20805.5041
32IMBradbury, Neil H ENG22335.5040
33 Bonn, Thomas FRA22375.5040
34 Britnell, Jonathan ENG19735.5038
35 Ibn Saifullah, Anas ENG20385.5034
36 Mihalik, Agoston HUN22355045
37 Southcott-Moyers, Indy ENG22235044
38 Adams, Henry ENG19635043
39WCMPert, Nina PwENG21615042
40FMWalker, Martin G ENG22085041
41 Adams, George ENG14945040
42 Golubovic, Erik CRO18875040
43 Blinov, Roman ENG18965040
44 Krivenko, Dion EST21555039
45 O’shea, Colm ENG18265039
46 Senior, Gary ENG21985039
47 Banerjee, Supratit SCO19855038
48 Brocklehurst, Andrew ENG19905037
49 Lazarus, Simon E ENG20445037
50 Volovich, JuliawENG21515036
51 Patel, Zain ENG20005036
52 Weersing, Abigail RwENG20044.5043
53 Palucha, Szymon C ENG21224.5042
54 Dasgupta, Avyukt ENG20424.5042
55 Hutchinson, Norman A ENG20054.5042
56 Kovalskyi, Roman UKR21114.5041
57 Pousada Garcia, Daniel ESP21404.5040
58 Liu, Jack ENG19264.5040
59 Golsta, RamonawLAT17774.5040
60 Gamal, AlaawENG19064.5039
61 Rida, RuqayyahwENG18454.5039
62 Lenton, Oliver J ENG19714.5038
63 Kemp, Paul R ENG19844.5037
64 Bowers, Francis J ENG18844.5036
65 Xu, Jiarui ENG14004.5036
66 Larchikov, Maksym UKR20534.5036
67 Gardiner, Eric D ENG19954.5034
68AFMLatypova, Olga LwENG18784.5032
69 Sefton, Adam ENG17104043
70 Murawski, Jan ENG19744038
71 Soulier, Alfred ENG19234037
72 Donnelly, Andrew J ENG17964037
73 Matthews, Adrian M S ENG18674036
74 Smart, Michael R ENG19574035
75 Gardner, Phillip K ENG18384035
76 Kaushik, Madhav ENG16314034
77 Hutchinson, Paul A ENG20984034
78 Miller, Daniel ENG16234033
79 Li, Reya ENG15764032
80 Hariharan, ShambaviwENG17274031
81 Turner, David J ENG17624030
82 Chantrell, Paul ENG17323.5037
83 Berkley, Stephen W ENG17853.5037
84 Zhu, Pengxiao ENG17163.5036
85 Baguley, John ENG17173.5036
86 Gonzales, Enrique PHI03.5036
87 Gonzales, Ceferino PHI17693.5036
88 Norris, Anthony USA19173.5035
89 Rastogi, Nayan Keats ENG15963.5034
90 Li, Evan ENG14683.5033
91 Keerthi Kumar, Advait ENG17123.5032
92 Lazarevic, LjubicawSRB16953.5032
93 Pride, Stephen C ENG16173.5032
94 Kent, Rowan ENG16133.5032
95 Hertog, Alexander ENG18863.5029
96 Skelton, Alexander ENG13413.5023
97 Jermy, Jaden ENG21063039
98 Bryant, Harry ENG17923037
99 Catabay, Mae CwENG17613036
100 Catabay, Rezin C ENG16873035
101 Chan, Anthony ENG17533034
102 Moni, Claudio ENG17393034
103 Puthanveettil, Joshua ENG12713032
104 Zurba, Jonas LTU17043032
105 Portheault, Benjamin ENG16593032
106 Van Litsenborgh, Rudi ENG15373030
107 Korolchuk, Ted ENG17703030
108 Swanson, George ENG17923030
109 Devalia, Aadishesh ENG14713027
110 Murphy, Hugh W ENG21632.5038
111 Osborne, Paul J ENG15592.5028
112 Soulier, Arne ENG11832.5027
113 Podmore, Mervyn J ENG14712.5026
114 Warner, Nicholas ENG17352034
115 Weersing, Nathan ENG15512030
116 Dean, Matthew ENG11602025
117 Downey, Keith WLS18181.5031
118 Sellen, John R ENG15471.5031
119 Walker, Heather EnidwENG12801.5025
120 Gibbs, Dominic V ENG19671031
121AIMRice, Chris B ENG20670026
122IMLutsko, Artem UKR24140026
123 Gvero, Richard ENG00023

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