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Mitropa Cup 2023

The 2023 edition of the Mitropa Cup starts this Monday in Mali Losinj, Croatia. The event will be played from 10th – 20th April at Hotel Aurora in the well-known tourist destination in Croatia.
The event is played in Open and Women’s sections separately, with participation of 10 federations: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. The Championships are played in 9 rounds, round-robin system, with time control of 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to finish the game, with 30 seconds increment for each move from move one.Each team is composed of 4 players plus one reserve player (for open section), 4 women players plus one reserve woman player (for women section), one of them acts as a team captain.
The best-rated players who will represent their federations at the tournament are: Jergus Pechac (SVK, 2610), Yannick Gozzoli (FRA, 2585), Viktor Erdos (HUN, 2583), Maxime Lagarde (FRA, 2579) and Adam Kozak (HUN, 2568).

You can follow game 1 of Nepo – Ding , starting April 9 at 15:00 local time (GMT+6). Nepo – Ding game 1 live / Nepo – Ding game 1 video coverage with Vishy Anand / See all news about the World Chess Championship 2023 / Mitropa Cup Women 2023

Full list of players :

1. Austria (RtgAvg:2357 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1IMFroewis, Georg2462AUT
2FMDotzer, Lukas2416AUT
3FMKristoferitsch, Daniel2254AUT
4FMBalint, Peter2217AUT
5FMGschiel, Alexander2297AUT
2. Croatia (RtgAvg:2491 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1GMPalac, Mladen2489CRO
2IMSrbis, Jurica2451CRO
3IMTica, Sven2438CRO
4GMZelcic, Robert2492CRO
5GMKozul, Zdenko2533CRO
3. Czech Republic (RtgAvg:2462 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1GMBabula, Vlastimil2532CZE
2IMVykouk, Jan2462CZE
3FMStalmach, Richard2417CZE
4FMMladek, Richard2436CZE
5FMFrank, Adam2398CZE
4. France (RtgAvg:2518 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1GMLagarde, Maxime2579FRA
2IMBoyer, Mahel2463FRA
3IMDegraeve, Remy2443FRA
4FMDroin, Augustin2436FRA
5GMGozzoli, Yannick2585FRA
5. Germany (RtgAvg:2361 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1IMKoellner, Ruben Gideon2421GER
2FMDeuer, Marius2336GER
3FMHagner, Bennet2354GER
4FMBesou, Hussain2332GER
5IMVoekler, Bernd2322GER
6. Hungary (RtgAvg:2553 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1GMErdos, Viktor2583HUN
2GMKozak, Adam2568HUN
3GMAntal, Gergely2565HUN
4GMFodor, Tamas Jr.2495HUN
5IMNemeth, Miklos2453HUN
7. Italy (RtgAvg:2546 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1GMMoroni, Luca Jr2565ITA
2GMSonis, Francesco2554ITA
3GMDvirnyy, Danyyil2541ITA
4GMLodici, Lorenzo2524ITA
5FMLumachi, Gabriele2357ITA
8. Slovenia (RtgAvg:2385 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1GMSebenik, Matej2523SLO
2FMDobrovoljc, Vid2370SLO
3FMBrilej, Jaka2321SLO
4FMLavrencic, Matic2327SLO
9. Switzerland (RtgAvg:2400 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1IMBaenziger, Fabian2409SUI
2GMGallagher, Joseph G.2444SUI
3FMFecker, Noah2388SUI
4FMArcuti, Davide2359SUI
5FMHindermann, Felix2297SUI
10. Slovakia (RtgAvg:2500 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1GMPechac, Jergus2610SVK
2IMSahidi, Samir2508SVK
3IMHaring, Filip2477SVK
4FMTurcan, Richard2405SVK
5FMKostolansky, Sebastian Lukas2395SVK

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