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More world championships, less problems – devalue, deschmalue #TweetOftheDay

Now close to a week after the creation of a new world championship , there is no official reaction by FIDE. This middleground of no rectification by and no reaction by FIDE only fuels the rumors on behind the scenes deals, while at the same time the attrition to the image of chess and the World Champion title. It becomes increasingly necessary that rectifies and FIDE issues a statement.

In all seriousness of the situation, the humorous take on the issue continues to blossom on the Internet (see Danny Gormally, the Cheffable world champignonship, the reaction of Lichess, and more). The Tournament Director of MrDodgy Invitational published an ironical article pointing out how the situation can “deschmalue” the World Championship.

More world championships, less problems – devalue, deschmalue (by MrDodgy)

Chess has been held back for too long by having just “one” World Champion. FIDE has bravely made attempts to rectify the situation by introducing Rapid & Blitz World Champions but it’s just not enough. There are just too many very, very good players to fight over a measly 3 titles. FIDE’s plan to allow to hold its own World Championship (rapid & over the board) is perfect. It opens the door to as many World Championships as the chess world can handle – ideally, even more than that. My understanding is that some of the following suggestions may become reality very soon.

MrDodgy suggests the creation of British World Championship, <insert crappy opening> World Championship, Twitter World Championship, Cheaters World Championship, and Indian Teen World Championship. Read the full article here

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