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Mamedyarov – Kamsky press conference

Mamedyarov seemed a bit surprised with Gata’s 4…Bg4, as he later admitted at the press conference, but he quickly pulled himself together to gain significant space advantage, sacficing a pawn in the process. In order to complete the development, Kamsky allowed doubled pawns on e6, and already on the next move he sacrifised a Knight on f6. After accepting the gift, Mamedyarov was walking up and down the playing hall nervously. Gata Kamsky was trying to create some conterplay along the d-file, but Mamedyarov quickly bounced the Black Queen into the retreat and opened another file near the Black King.

He was very pleased with his play, as he said later at the conference, and Kamsky agreed that White was looking very well during the whole game. He added that he miscalculated the sacrifise and overestimated his chances.

Expect video and more news soon!

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