Mumbai Mayor International Chess Tournament – Round 4

In the 6th Mumbai Mayor International Chess Tournament 2013 hosted by The National Sports Club of India and co-sponsored by LIC of India, GM Babujian Levon (ELO 2488) of Armenia and GM Pantsulaia Levan (ELO 2563) of Georgia are leading with 4 points at the end of 4th round in the indoor stadium of National Sports Club of India.

GM Babujian Levon upsets his fellow countrymen 3rd seed GM Andriasian Zaven (ELO 2608). Zaven played Rosolimo variation of Sicilian Defense where he exchanged his bishop on ‘c6’. On 35th move Zaven offered his Rook for a pawn and a knight, to get a central passed pawn.

But Levon played excellently by placing both of his Rooks on 7th rank forcing to exchange one of the Rook, thus gaining clear advantage and the game in 50 moves.

GM Babujian Levon

GM Babujian Levon

The game of English opening played between top seed GM Mchedlishvili Mikheil (ELO 2645) of Georgia and the GM Papin Vasily (ELO 2552) of Russia ended in quick draw after 12 moves.

On 3rd table GM Pantsulaia Levan opted for Reti opening against IM Rahul Sangma (ELO 2382) of Railways. On 20th move Rahul exchanged his Queen and opted for equal endgame. But on 22nd move Levan forced him to give his Rook for the Knight and won the game 42 moves.

In the 3rd round which concluded late in the evening yesterday saw 2 stunning upsets.

Indian IM B S Shivananda defeated 4th seed GM Gagunashvili Merab creating a sensation.

IM Aditya Udeshi of Mumbai missed a chance to beat the 2nd seed and Bhubaneswar Tournament Champion GM Amonatov Farrukh. Aditya was having 2 pawns more than Farrukh in the end game but due to 3 times repetition of position the game ended in a draw.

In the Under 2100 as many as 87 players are leading in the pool of 403 players with 2 points after the end of 2 rounds.

Tomorrow there are 2 rounds from 10-2 and 4-8.

Report by Vitthal Madhav

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