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Nakamura: FIDE wants us all to look like it’s 1970’s at the IBM headquarters

Hikaru Nakamura uploaded his R3 recap of the game against 19-year-old Alireza Firouzja in which he faced a piece sacrifice and the slightly worse endgame. He then explained the video was a tiny bit late as he needed to respond to FIDE on their complaints about the dress code: “They want us all to look like it’s 1970’s at the IBM headquarters. It’s hot, we’re all neat, tidy and comfortable for long games. Trivialities like this are boring…“, tweeted Nakamura. Nakamura wore jeans on today’s round 3 (as could be seen from the photo below) which possibly caused the FIDE complaint.

Tremendous heat “welcomed” the participants in the 2022 Candidates Tournament. Madrid temperatures are expected to stay around 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) at least through the first week of the event. Chess fans speculate it is exactly the Candidates Tournament tension that rises the temperatures in the city, but Accuweather specifies that the reason is the movement of air masses from North Africa. Read more on Madrid’s heat wave here.

Round 3: Ding Liren – Richard Rapport 1/2-1/2 / Fabiano Caruana – Jan-Krzysztof Duda 1/2-1/2 / Teimour Radjabov – Ian Nepomniachtchi 1/2-1/2 / Alireza Firouzja – Hikaru Nakamura 1/2-1/2

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Anish Giri seems ready to start a petition asking FIDE to allow Hikaru to wear his pineapple shirt:

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