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New allegations within Niemann – Carlsen case: Hans Niemann performs much better with live DGT boards

The controversy over the Hans Niemann – Magnus Carlsen case is not stopping. After Hans Niemann defeated the World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen in the third round of the Sinquefield Cup 2022, Carlsen decided to withdraw from the tournament without detailed explanations. Rumors that Magnus Carlsen suspected Niemann was cheating started spreading over social media, and each day brings new theories on the case. See the timetable of happenings related to Carlsen’s withdrawal from the event:

5-SepBREAKING: Magnus Carlsen withdraws from the Sinquefield Cup 2022
5-SepPossible reasons of Magnus Carlsen’s withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup 2022
5-SepHans Niemann was thoroughly checked before the fourth round of the Sinquefield Cup (VIDEO)
5-SepSinquefield Cup’s players and organizers react to Carlsen’s withdrawal from the tournament
5-SepHans Niemann R4 post-game interview: At least I got to beat Magnus Carlsen before he left
6-SepSinquefield Cup 2022 improves anti-cheating measures after Carlsen’s withdrawal
6-SepFabiano Caruana: Can’t wait to hear more about the Hans effect on The Magnus Effect
6-SepReactions to Magnus Carlsen’s withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup 2022
6-SepNiemann’s emotional confession R5 post-game interview: I cheated in random games on and this was the biggest mistake in my life
7-SepReactions to Hans Niemann’s interview
7-SepHans Niemann: I’d like to see what Nakamura has to say now
8-SepHans Niemann R6 post-game interview: The silence of my critics speaks for itself
8-SepElon Musk comments on accusations towards Hans Niemann
8-SepGarry Kasparov about Carlsen’s withdrawal: It’s an act with no precedent in the past 50 years explains its decision to remove Hans Niemann from the platform in the official statement
9-SepDaniel Rensch about’s statement: This tweet speaks for itself
9-SepHikaru Nakamura reacts to Hans Niemann’s interview
9-SepSusan Polgar about Niemann – Carlsen case: The professional reputation of many parties is at stake
9-SepGarry Kasparov: Unless the chess world is to be dragged down into endless pathetic rumors, clear statements must be made
9-SepNiemann keeps analyzing his game with MVL while getting checked with the anti-cheating device (VIDEO)
9-SepHans Niemann R7 post-game interview: It is absolutely ridiculous to play chess under these conditions
10-SepHikaru Nakamura and Daniel Naroditsky speak about cheating in chess
10-SepHans Niemann’s fans gather in front of the Saint Louis Chess Club
10-SepSinquefield Cup Chief Arbiter’s statement: We have no indication that any player has been playing unfairly in the Sinquefield Cup 2022
11-SepNew allegations within Niemann – Carlsen case: Hans Niemann performs much better with live DGT boards

The newest allegations on social media are connected with Niemann’s play in the last two years. Hikaru Nakamura and Daniel Naroditsky spoke about Niemann’s meteoric rise from 2400 to 2700 rating, which is found untypical in the social medias. Now, we can see claims that Hans Niemann’s results were better when he played in the tournaments with the live DGT transmission: “Hans Niemann’s results in the US in 2019-2020 before going to Europe. There have been talks (including Punin’s recent video) about Hans performing much better when there are live DGT games. The data is below – draw your own conclusions!”. See the tweet below

Alexander Grischuk and Nigel Davies have opinions on both sides of the spectrum. GM Grischuk says about Niemann – Carlsen case: Magnus freaked out for a reason. GM Davies says, If Carlsen does not speak soon, the FIDE Ethics Commission should act.

Susan Polgar explained a few days ago that the professional reputation of many parties is at stake with the ongoing controversy. Commenting on the newest allegations related to the case, Susan Polgar said: “Another day, another angle. I just don’t see this ending any time soon. There will be those who believe, and those who will never be convinced. To avoid any potential issue, it would be helpful to have 30 minute broadcast delay, especially important events“.

Sinquefield Cup improved anti-cheating measures after rumors and speculations that overwhelmed medias with Carlsen’s withdrawal from the event. All the players are being thoroughly checked with anti-cheating devices before and after the game and the live broadcast of the games is delayed for 15 minutes.

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