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Ali Nihat Yazici will run for the post of ECU President

Candidacy announced at the reception in Tito Salon in Hotel Park

Thursday, October 20, 2009

Dear Friends,

Welcome to a small celebration here in the beautiful city of Novi Sad. We celebrate not only the development that the European Chess Union has seen over the last few years but also the opportunity to launch a new road map for success. I thank the ECU President Mr Boris Kutin and his team for their work these last few years and take this opportunity to make some critical proposals for the future.

In the last twelve months, we have witnessed many financial and economic difficulties in various countries around the World. Europe has not been spared. We have a responsibility to chart the channels whereby we will ensure that the foundations of the European Chess Union are strengthened through all possible means.

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We must revolutionize the way we have been thinking. Failures in the past provide valuable examples to learn from. An open debate in which possible solutions are evaluated solely on the grounds of their effectiveness in dealing with a problem and of the implications to everyone affected by them is a vital ingredient.

We must work together to improve the calendar and conditions of ECU events. We must also ensure a wider degree of participation by all the member countries. We must build closer relationships with all member Federations by listening carefully to what they advocate or suggest.

We must therefore have an appreciation and respect for the diversity of the agendas of each Federation, the cultural issues in each country and also our common problems. We must be open minded and creative in developing programmes, hand in hand, with each Federation. The best practices of other Federations should be studied and extended, if possible, to other countries.

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Finally, results are what matter most. I believe strongly that Europe should have a healthy balance sheet not only financially but with more activities on the calendar for women and for youths. We should also ensure that appropriate sponsorship is attracted to fund chess development programmes in all our 54 member Federations and that our internet and media platforms are brought to the professional level that is required in the world today.

I am therefore very pleased to announce today that I will be running for the post of ECU President next year and welcome all our friends to work together for a successful future. I look forward to receiving various proposals and ideas these next months from all of you. Everybody is welcome to join the team, as through our unity, we all become stronger.

Thank you!

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