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GM Bachmann, IM Cubas, FM Cornejo, and GM Zambrana lead Asuncion

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Axel Bachmann

GM Bachmann, IM Cubas, FM Cornejo, and GM Zambrana lead II Magistral Ciudad de Asuncion. After 3 rounds the players are sharing first with 2,0/3. Round 3 saw fighting draws on all tables, leading to no change in the current positions. Top pairings for next round are FM Cornejo – IM Cubas and GM Rodriguez – GM Zambrana. Games can be followed on the official site. For photos of the event enter the gallery.

In group B there is a similar situation with IM Sieiro, FM Sosa, Oddone, and Espinoza sharing the lead with 2,0/3.

Standings group A

1. BACHMAN, Axel PAR 2555 gm 2
2. CUBAS, Jose PAR 2434 im 2

3. CORNEJO, Max PER 2383 fm 2

4. ZAMBRANA, Oswaldo BOL 2473 gm 2

5. VERA, Reinaldo CUB 2475 gm 1.5

6. RODRIGUEZ, Andres URU 2524 gm 1.5

7. SOPPE, Guillermo ARG 2427 im 1

8. LUJAN, Carolina ARG 2360 im 1

9. COELHO, Luis BRA 2389 im 1

10. BRITO, Luismar BRA 2364 fm 1

Standings group B

1-4 SIEIRO, Luis CUB 2361 im 2
SOSA HARRISON, Jorge PAR 2254 fm 2
ODDONE, Cristhian URU 2231 2
ESPINOZA, Willyam PER 2281 2
5-7 KROPFF, Ricardo PAR 2298 fm 1.5
VALIENTE, Cristóbal PAR 2234 im 1.5

HERNANDEZ, Ángel PAR 2228 fm 1.5

8-9 MALBRAN, Guillermo ARG 2238 im 1

PERALTA, Eduardo PAR 2274 fm 1
10 GATTASS, Allan BRA 2221 0.5

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