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FIDE Trainers Commission State of Affairs Report and Plans for 2009-2010

Article by Trainers’ Commission Chairman Adrian Mikhalchishin

FIDE Trainer Information and Resource Centre was officialy launched on Wednesday, following on the initiative arising from the meeting of the then FIDE Trainers’ Committee held on 18 November during the Dresden Congress.

GM, FST and Trainers’ Commission (TC) Chairman Adrian Mikhalchishin published an article titled “FIDE Trainers Commission State of Affairs Report and Plans for 2009-2010”. Here is an excerpt:

Trainers Committee, predecessor of the Trainers Commission (which was formed lately) was formed in 2000 during the Istanbul Olympiad and was chaired by IGM Yuri Razuvaev, now Honorary Chairman. He created a real and decent Committee and established the guidance for its functioning for 10 years; his role is impossible to undervalue. Now, on our ‘second period’, we have to re-examine our position at the moment and to create new tasks for the future.
The most important task of TRG was the introduction of a system of titles and licenses as it was demanded by IOC. The main idea was that the titles will boost the importance of trainers’ positions in the chess world. Licenses are necessary for keeping the level of the trainers, but up to Istanbul 2009 FIDE Board these licenses were not approved to be used worldwide.
Now we have instruments to improve the level of trainers but we need cooperation of the Continental and National federations to implement the system correctly and effectively. To mark the high Trainers achievements, TRG introduced in Dresden 2008 Awards for best Trainers. Our important role is to protect Trainers and to help them to conduct their duties effectively and with dignity.

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