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GfK Open 2009

organized by Hilversum Chess Club HSG, Dutch Champion in 2008 and 2009

gfk open 2009 chess

The GfK Open 2009, organized by Hilversum Chess Club HSG, Dutch Champion in 2008 and 2009, has started. It will take place 27th of June until the 5th of July 2009 in Hilversum, The Netherlands. 14 grandmasters and many more titled players will participate, including GM Erwin L’Ami, GM Daniel Fridman, GM Krasenkow, GM Predrag Nikolic, GM Friso Nijboer, GM Dimitri Reinderman, GM Haslinger, GM Anish Giri, GM Woulter Spoelman, IM Anna Zatonskih, IM Hendriks, IM Pruijssers, IM Bitalzadeh, IM Slingerland, WGM Alina Motoc, FM Van Eijk etc.

As it often happens in open events, the local players managed to take several scalps in round 1. GM Krasenkow could not make more than a draw against Ewoud De Groote, while GM L’Ami drew with Lennart Dek. The youngest grandmaster Anish Giri had a difficult game against Hans Gajle. “I made a blunder on move 40, otherwise I had chances,” commented Gajle. Giri was far from covinced, “Even without the blunder I was won, maybe he could have had chances for a draw.”

Expect all replayable games later today on

Results round 1

1 GM Fridman, Daniel – FM Heemskerk, Wim 1-0
2 De Groote, Ewoud – GM Krasenkow, Michal ½-½
3 GM Nikolic, Predrag – De Graaf, Dick 1-0
4 Dek, Lennart – GM L’Ami, Erwin ½-½
5 GM Nijboer, Friso – Meurs, Tom 1-0
6 In’t Veld, Daan – GM Reinderman, Dimitri 0-1
7 GM Haslinger, Stewart G – Van Engen, Herman 1-0
8 Galje, Hans – GM Giri, Anish 0-1
9 GM Spoelman, Wouter – CM Theulings, Paul-Peter 1-0
10 Schroer, Marcel – GM Pavlovic, Milos 0-1
11 IM Zatonskih, Anna – Goes, Sten 1-0
12 Oosterom, Erik – IM Hendriks, Willy 0-1
13 IM Pruijssers, Roeland – Wismeijer, Jeroen 1-0
14 Mellema, Andries – IM Bitalzadeh, Ali 0-1
15 IM Slingerland, Fred – Kabos, Tobias 1-0
16 Goudriaan, Etienne – FM Miedema, Roi 0-1
17 FM Strating, Sybolt – Henseler, Jorgen 1-0

Pairings round 2

1 IM Pruijssers, Roeland – GM Fridman, Daniel

2 IM Bitalzadeh, Ali – GM Nikolic, Predrag

3 IM Slingerland, Fred – GM Nijboer, Friso
4 GM Reinderman, Dimitri – FM Strating, Sybolt
5 FM Miedema, Roi – GM Haslinger, Stewart G
6 GM Giri, Anish – FM Van Eijk, Sander
7 WGM Motoc, Alina – GM Spoelman, Wouter

8 GM Pavlovic, Milos – FM Vogel, Jaap
9 Van der Lende, Ilias – IM Zatonskih, Anna

10 IM Hendriks, Willy – Vrancken, Gilbert

11 GM Krasenkow, Michal – Beukema, Stefan
12 Beijerinck, Nick – De Groote, Ewoud
13 GM L’Ami, Erwin – FM Van Ketel, Raoul
14 FM Heemskerk, Wim – Wismeijer, Jeroen
15 Meurs, Tom – Mellema, Andries
16 Van Engen, Herman – Kabos, Tobias
17 Henseler, Jorgen – Galje, Hans
18 CM Theulings, Paul-Peter – Goudriaan, Etienne

19 Pienabarca, Nicola – Schroer, Marcel
20 Goes, Sten – Ten Hertog, Hugo

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