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London Chess Classic pairings

pairings and schedule of the Chess Classic 2009 tournament

London Chess Classics

The drawing of lots for the London Chess Classic took place at 13:50. The results of that and the pairings for all rounds are as follows.

Magnus was the first to be invited to choose a pawn from the giant set (with numbers on the base). He chose the c2 pawn and, of course, on the bottom was the number 1. Vladimir Kramnik was heard to say “as in Moscow!” Vladimir chose second and of course he chose 8. So tomorrow’s main pairing is Carlsen (white) v Kramnik.

Round 1, Tues Dec 8th, 14:00

Magnus Carlsen – Vladimir Kramnik
Hikaru Nakamura – Ni Hua
Luke McShane – Nigel Short
David Howell – Michael Adams

Round 2, Wed Dec 9th, 14:00

Vladimir Kramnik – Ni Hua

Michael Adams – Hikaru Nakamura
Nigel Short – David Howell
Magnus Carlsen – Luke McShane

Round 3, Thur Dec 10th, 14:00

Luke McShane – Vladimir Kramnik
David Howell – Magnus Carlsen
Hikaru Nakamura – Nigel Short
Ni Hua – Michael Adams

Round 4, Sat Dec 12th, 14:00

Vladimir Kramnik – Michael Adams
Nigel Short – Ni Hua
Magnus Carlsen – Hikaru Nakamura
Luke McShane – David Howell

Round 5, Sun Dec 13th, 14:00

David Howell – Vladimir Kramnik
Hikaru Nakamura – Luke McShane
Ni Hua – Magnus Carlsen
Michael Adams – Nigel Short

Round 6, Mon Dec 14th, 14:00

Vladimir Kramnik – Nigel Short
Magnus Carlsen – Michael Adams
Luke McShane – Ni Hua
David Howell – Hikaru Nakamura

Round 7, Sun Dec 15th, 12:00

Hikaru Nakamura – Vladimir Kramnik
Ni Hua – David Howell
Michael Adams – Luke McShane
Nigel Short – Magnus Carlsen

The London Chess Classic 2009 will be the highest level tournament in London for 25 years. Expect daily coverage and live GM commentary daily on!

Special thanks to John Saunders for the timely reports from London!

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