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Arkadij Naiditsch wins the match against Zahar Efimenko

12-18th August 2010 in Mukachevo, Ukraine

The six-games chess match between German top player Arkadij Naiditsch and Zahar Efimenko of Ukraine was organised by Universal Event Promotion and the Mukachevo Chess Club 32×64 in Mukachevo, Ukraine, on 12-18th August 2010.

Naiditsch achieved a victory against the Ukrainian national team player, Efimenko, by a narrow margin – 3,5 points to 2,5 points. Naiditsch won the second game of the match, while five other games were drawn.

The Festival Transcarpathian Cup, which ended on 18th August, included many other events. The winners of the open tournaments were:

A1 (classical open) – International Master Daniil Shkuran
A2 (classical open) – Yury Korobov
B (rapid) – FIDE Master Igor Kobyliansky
C (blitz) – Grandmaster Spartak Vysochin
D1 (children’s open) – Oleg Goncharov
D2 (children’s open) – Demian Salievych
E (children’s rapid) – Andrey Vachylya
F (children’s blitz) – Bogdan Klyotska

On 15 August the 2002-2004 FIDE World Champion, Grandmaster Ruslan Ponomariov gave a simultaneous exhibition, and won all 27 games.

The chief organisers of the Trancarpathian Cup were Josef Resch, Alexander Goncharov and Alexander Fediv. The International Arbiter from Kyiv, Leonid Bodankin, acted as the Chief Arbiter of the Efimenko-Naiditsch match.


Arkadij Naiditsch with the winner’s trophy (All photos courtesy of Petro Parovinchak)



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