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Sydney International Chess Open

6-11 April 2010 at the Parramatta Town Hall

Sydney 2010

The Sydney International Open started in Sydney, Australia, following a rest day after the Doeberl Cup. There are two 9-round tournaments across the five day period, the Open which allows all players to enter and the Sydney International Challengers which is designed for players rated under 2000.

The tournament runs on 6-11 April 2010 at the Parramatta Town Hall and the prize fund is totalling A$14,000. Principal sponsor is GM Murray Chandler. There are 78 players in the Open group.

Top rated players:
GM Li Chao B CHN 2613 (Doeberl Cup winner), GM Zhao Zong-Yuan AUS 2592, GM Malaniuk Vladimir UKR 2582, GM Jones Gawain C B ENG 2556, GM Panchanathan Magesh Chandran IND 2543, GM Smerdon David AUS 2530, GM Kunte Abhijit IND 2528, GM Bojkov Dejan BUL 2505, GM Barua Dibyendu IND 2479, IM Macak Stefan SVK 2470, IM Xie George Wendi AUS 2470, GM Johansen Darryl AUS 2457, IM Roy Chowdhury Saptarshi IND 2429, IM Solomon Stephen AUS 2426, IM Lane Gary W AUS 2380, IM Lahiri Atanu IND 2368 etc

There were no surprises in the first two rounds and titled players won the games against lower rated opposition.

Round 3 top pairings:
GM Li Chao B – IM Macak Stefan
GM Barua Dibyendu – GM Zhao Zong-Yuan
GM Malaniuk Vladimir – IM Solomon Stephen
IM Xie George Wendi – GM Jones Gawain C B
GM Panchanathan Magesh Chandran – IM Lahiri Atanu
IM Roy Chowdhury Saptarshi – GM Smerdon David
GM Kunte Abhijit – FM Rej Tomek
IM Sharma Dinesh – GM Bojkov Dejan
FM Teichmann Erik O M C – IM Lane Gary
Cameron Alistair – FM Nakauchi Gene
Mcnamara Gary – GM Johansen Darryl

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