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Chess Evolution is the new periodical book

Bundesliga Arkadij Naiditsch

Etienne Bacrot, Arkadij Naiditsch, Sebastian Feller, and Sebastian Maze have started a new initiative in the world of chess – a periodical book with top analyses named Chess Evolution.

Chess Evolution will be coming out every 2nd month, starting from March 2011. It is based on collection of more than 100 commented games (all comments are made with a help of powerful computers) of the last 2 month. The games are being selected by their theoretical and practical importance. Every Chess Evolution issue will contain more than 400 hours of chess work!

As an extra to the games, every Chess Evolution issue is offering an interesting puzzle and endgame sections.
Chess Evolution is a great help to every chess players to stay updated and be even in advance of current chess opening theory.

More information at the official website . As an additional attraction, the site is offering one of the world best chess tournaments calendar for free.

Arkadij Naiditsch

Germany, 25 years old, GMI 2685 elo, current number 54 in the world.
Became International Master at age of 13, International Grandmaster at age of 15.
Winner of many Team Championships, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary.

Current clubs:” Baden-Baden”- Germany, “Marseille”-France, “Aquaprofit”-Hungary, “Rijeka”-Croatia.

2005: Winner of Super tournament in Dortmund.

Since 2006 best German rated player.

2007: German Champion and winner of Baku Open.

2009: Winner of Round Robin in Montreal and 1st in Rapid tournament of Villarrobledo.

2010: Second place in Wijk ann Zee B group, win his match against Efimenko in Mukachevo and 1st equal in Rapid European Championship in Warshaw

Etienne Bacrot

France, 28 years old , GMI, 2723 élo, number 22 in the world.

Became International Grand Master at the age of 14, a record at the time.
Six times French Champion starting from 1999.
Won many team titles and board medals including two European Club Cup.

Current clubs : Baden-Baden in Germany, Marseille in France and San Sebastian in Spain.

2005: 1st place in Poikovsky, 3rd in Dortmund and 3rd of the World Cup in Khanty-Mansisk.

2009: 1st in Aeroflot open, second in Montreal and Antwerpen.

2010: First equal in Gibraltar, 3rd in Nanjing and winner of Geneva Open.

2011: First equal in Basel, Geneva (rapid) and Rabat (blitz).

Sebastien Feller

France, 19 years old , GMI, 2657 élo, number 91 in the World.

2007: Became International Grand Master at the age of 16, winner of Le Touquet and silver medal
in European Championship under 16.

2009: Win the title of French Club Champion with Evry, gold medal on 5th board with 10/11

2010: French blitz Champion, winner of Paris open and 1st equal in Biel. Gold medal on the 5th
board in Olympiads.

Sebastien Maze

France, 26 years old , GMI, 2571 élo

2008: 2cd place in Biel Open, winner of Rabat blitz tournament. Member of French Nationalteam in the Olympiad in Dresden.

2009: 1st equal in Marseille and Menton, 3rd in Montreal round robin.

Was the second of Etienne Bacrot in Fide Grand Prix Elista 2008, Dortmund 2009 and Nanjing 2010.

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