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ECU responds to the Gaziantep offer, TCF unhappy with the answer

Mr.Yazici commented on the ECU letter and several other topics

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The Turkish Chess Federation, originally licensed to host the 2011 European Individual Women Chess Championship in Gaziantep, withdrew from the organization of the tournament on late December. Those events were described in an earlier article.

The European Chess Union followed up on the then issued press release and discussed the situation at the ECU Board meeting in Belgrade on 12-13th January. The decision was to begin with a new bidding procedure, and the official invitation for new bids was published on the ECU website.

However, immediately on the following day, the Turkish Chess Federation renewed the offer to organize the Championship on the same dates and venue and with the same prize fund as originally planned.

ECU reply to the offer

The ECU Office replied to the offer on 24th January, the letter follows:

Dear Mr. Yazici,

We read your letter attentively and we are pleased that you would
like to organize the 12th European Individual Women’s Championship.

As you know, on January 18th (the day before your letter), the
European Chess Union, according to the decision of the ECU Board,
started the bidding procedure for granting the organization of this

Until now, a few of the potential organizers have shown a great
interest for organizing this event. We believe it would create a bad
precedent if we cancel the officially announced procedure. However, we
kindly invite you to take part in this proceeding.

As the President of the European Chess Union, I would like to
assure you that those who send the best offer and can provide on time
the necessary deposits and guarantee will be granted with the
Championship organization.

Best regards,
ECU President
Silvio Danailov

TCF unhappy with the answer

This week Mr.Yazici commented on the ECU letter and several other topics. On the question whether the TCF will submit a new bid according to the ECU official invitation and if the issue could be discussed on the margins of the FIDE Presidential Board, which is taking place this week in Antalya, Turkey, Mr.Yazici said:

“I am not sure if Mr.Danailov is coming to the FIDE Presidential Board. I believe that Mr.Danailov is underestimating the work in ECU and omitting necessary things. Problems come since all issues are left in the hands of Mr.Sakotic. This gentleman, subject of a vote of no confidence by the ECU General Assembly in 2009, is Executive Director now. Even this appointment may be under discussion, because it was not made with a decision at a board meeting; it was sent to all board members with 5 signatures under it.

Sure, the situation of the European Individual Women Chess Championship will be discussed in the FIDE Presidential Board. First of all, I do not think that the whole board of the ECU agrees with this decision. Our bid is there. We told them that our bid is valid. You have read my open letter.”

Mr.Yazici also added that he does not have any agenda for the extraordinary ECU General Assembly, which is scheduled to take place in March in France, during the European Individual Chess Championship.

According to the ECU tournament calendar, the European Individual Schools Chess Championships 2011 should be organized in Turkey. Since the dates and the place were not announced, we asked about the status of this event. Mr.Yazici explained that the European Schools Chess Championships 2011 will be played in the city of Urgup, in April/May, and that the regulations will be published soon.

Mr.Yazici also wanted to state a conclusion: “I believe that the ECU is not led very properly. We have very good, willing board members, but are missing a leadership initiative to run it. We hope the situation will be improved soon.”

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