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Inspiring art to start 2011

Images of Chess is a collaboration that started out as a hobby for the love of the game. Initially, it intended to show people what Chess players really go through during a Chess game. A lot of people have this misconception that the two people in front of a chess board are simply calculating moves and comfortably playing. In reality, it is often a tense experience between them. The two players are usually in a highly competitive struggle and what goes on between them can be a mix of heightened tension, irritation, measured confidence, creative thinking, pressure, regret, frustration, and perseverance. The dynamic that is created between the two competing players is their individual artistic self-expression of Chess.

After working tireless hours in experimenting with many images and chess themes, the team felt that some of the images showed a nice blend of Chess and art. Each image that we ended up finalizing features a classic game and highlights an intense or familiar situation in a Chess game. This is how we came to produce the 2011 Images of Chess Art Calendar.

In this collection of images is captured the creativity and intensity of Chess. Our hope with this 2011 Chess Calendar is to give Chess players vivid and relatable images that they can enjoy, and also to make chess more accessible and exciting to non-players. With this in mind, we hope these images portray to you the artistry, creativity and the dynamic energy found in a Chess game. These images were created in dedication to the many Chess players that devote their time in mastering this ART.

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“…cool with very creative and unique chess images.”
-Susan Polgar, Winner of 4 World Chess Championships and 5 Time Olympic Champion

“If you like chess and you like art, then this is clearly the wall calendar for you.”
-Jeremy Silman, International Master and author of the Reassess Your Chess Series

“What an exciting chess calendar! The best I’ve seen.”
– NM Glenn Bady, Founder of Challenging Heads Chess

“Great Calendar.” – Rocky W., Tournament Director “Profound Images”- Jodi S., Chess Player

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