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Ugly story at Vandoeuvre Open

false accusations, refusal of shaking hands, and ridiculous behavior by players

vandoeuvre Boyarchenko Marie

Boyarchenko, Nebolsina, and Rudolf
during the Vandoeuvre Open

An ugly story took place at the Vandoeuvre Open that has finished a few days ago (read full report with photos). Vandoeuvre Open was going as every normal chess event. As usual there were some surprises, as the young Hungarian girl Anna Rudolf, who was winning game after game and was sharing the first place with 3,0/3. However, several players could not believe what is happening and could not accept Anna’s success as gentlemen. Here is what another participant in the event, Marie Boyarchenko, told us.

“Right after the third round the Latvian chess player Oleg Krivonosov directly accused Anna Rudolf of using Fritz. He did not provide any logical explanation of his words, nor he brought any proof of his claims. However, the next day he came back with support – Oleg Lazarev and Ilmars Starostits – and all of them accused Anna Rudolf of using… Rybka. The three players claimed that Anna was going too much to the bathroom and that her bag had a secret internet connection. To be more precise, they said that “the secret internet connection was transmitting the best moves with the help of Anna’s lip balm.”

No, it is not the international day of the joke. This is exactly the story of Anna Rudolf from the Vandoeuvre Open. Anna was put under tremendous pressure as she was showing top form and no one was counting her among the favorites for the prizes. The climax was in the last game against Starostits. Here is the continuation of the story by Marie Boyarchenko.

“As Anna Rudolf had to play against the Latvian Starostits, he asked the arbiter to control her bag and to confiscate it. Plus she was no more allowed to use her lips balm, nor to go out of the playing hall without the permission of the arbiter. It is clear that Anna was morally destroyed, especially when Starostits refused to shake hands with her. And still she prooved during the whole game that she played solid and beautiful chess, even when she lost.”

If all this gets proven Starostits is in serious trouble. Before the game Anna Rudolf was half a point ahead and had all the chances of grabbing a medal with a draw. Starostits needed the full point, if not he was out of the prizes. Is there an easier way than to put under strong pressure a young girl? To what extent FIDE laws will affect him we do not know. There is an ethics comission, it has to examine the case. However, the refusal of shaking hands is penalized severely since 2007 according to a new FIDE law and since there were many witnesses of this, Starostits has to face the concequences of his actions.

Anna Rudolf suffered a lot from all this flying of accusations. After the last game she went away crying and did not appear at the players’ reunion in the bar. People were trying to calm her down, as everyone saw the unfair attacks against her in the last round, but she was still down and could not believe this is happening to her.

Later on, during the prize giving, the president of the Vandoeuvre club Gérard Simon explained the spectators, that Anna was a simple victim and the whole conflict was destinated to divert her during the last round. “You should have heard the applauses,” Marie Boyarchenko told Chessdom’s reporter, “they lasted for five minutes!”

Sounds like a happy end, but it is not. This event has surely affected Anna and may reflect on her in the long run. What is worse, is that Krivonosov promised to accuse Anna again, but in Cappelle-La-Grande, where they will meet again.

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Anna Rudolf

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