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III Torneo Internacional Puente Foral

III Torneo Internacional Puente Foral is taking place in Navarra, Spain. It is a 9 round round robin with GM Ibrahimov, GM Azer Mizorev, IM Reinaldo Castiñeira, GM Meijers, IM Herraiz, IM Garbisu, IM Llorente, IM Huerga, FM Narayanan, and IM Valdes. After 6 rounds the battle for the top places is getting interesting. GM Mizorev is leading with 4,5/6, closely followed by GM Mijers with 4,0/6 and IM Garbisu, IM Herraiz, and GM Ibrahimov with 3,5/6.

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Romanian Rapid Chess Championship

This weekend the Romanian rapid chess championships are taking place. Over 200 players are participating in the competition, GM Constantin Lupulescu and WGM Elena-Luminita Cosma are top seeded. A total of 75 titled players will compete, 7 of them GMs and 11 IMs.

At the monent we are writing this report 4 rounds have passed. The men section is led by IM Gergely-Andras-Gyula Szabo and IM Valentin Raceanu with 4,0/4, and the women section is headed by WIM Iozefina Paulet, WIM Ioana-Smaranda Paduriaru, and WGM Elena-Luminita Cosma with 3,5/4.

Expect full report after the end of the competition.

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12th International Tournament Zenica

The 12th International Tournament Zenica finished today in the industrial city of Zenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a 9 round round robin. The winner is GM Dizdarevic with 7,0/9, followed by GM Martinovic with 6,0/9, IM Rezan 5,5/9, and IM Zivkovic 5,0/9.

The winner GM Dizdarevic managed to win 5 games and draw 4, without losing a single match.

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Torneio Internacional da Figueira da Foz

Tough fight is going on in Torneio Internacional da Figueira da Foz. GM Anton Kovalyov is leading after 7 rounds with 6,0 points, closely followed by GM Kevin Spraggett, GM Dragan Paunovic, GM Vladimir Petkov, GM Arkadij Rotstein, and IM Perez Garcia.

The tournament is a 9 round Swiss event with participants from 12 countries and 17 titled players. Until now there is a very low draw level, as 133 games have been decisive and only 29 have finished in a draw.

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VII Open Master Festival Internacional de Ajedrez Hotel Bali

After 6 rounds GM Ubilava took the sole lead at the Open Masters tournament, part of the Festival Internacional de Ajedrez Hotel Bali. His most important victory until now was against the Bronze medalist of the ETCC GM Alexander Delchev, who is currently sharing second with GM Felgaer and GM Dreev.

In the Torneo de Estrellas GM Ivanchuk is convincingly leading, click here for full report.

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