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The chess blogsphere has been underdeveloped in the past years, with only a few blogs spreading news about chess competitions. However, this has been changing and many blogs have been emerging in the past months. One that particularly attracts attention is the blog dedicated to the young chess prodigy Sergey Karjakin and can be found at

Started March 20, 2008, it is one of the youngest blogs around. starts covering Karjakin’s performance in Melody Amber from round 3 and the author has kept on blogging, including the rest day of the competition.

Here is part of the Ukranian grandmasters biography presented there.

About Karjakin

Sergey Karjakin (born 12 January, 1990 in Simferopol) of Ukraine became the youngest chess grandmaster in history at the age of 12 years and 7 months.
On the FIDE ranking list of January 2008, he has a rating of 2732, making him number 14 in the world, number 2 in the category of boys up to 20 years old and number 2 in the Ukraine.

He was the official second of fellow Ukrainian Ruslan Ponomariov, during the 2002 FIDE World championship. In 2004, Karjakin finished second to Boris Gelfand at the Pamplona, Navarra tournament, held from December 20 to December 29.
Also, in 2004, Karjakin was the only human to win against a computer in the Man vs Machine World Team Championship located in Bilbao, Spain. He was the youngest and lowest ranked player there. He defeated the computer called Deep Junior.

He entered the world’s top 100 in the April 2005 FIDE list, where he was number 64 in the world with an Elo rating of 2635.
In the January 2008 FIDE rating list Karjakin passed the 2700 mark with a new rating of 2732 and a world rank of 14.

About the author

The author of Karjakin’s blog is writing under the name Warheart. He does not want to reveal his identity as for him Karjakin should be the central figure of this blog.

Warheart feels that Karjakin does not receive the media attention that he deserves. So expect frequent updates and info about Karjakin on

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