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Leon chess live games today at 16,30 CET

With comments by IM Kalin Karakehayov

Leon chess tournament starts today! First semifinal match is Vishy Anand against Ruslan Ponomariov. All four games, with time rate 20 minutes + 10 sec increment for all moves, will be played today. The start is set for 16:30 local time (10:30 EST). Anand won the last two Leon tournaments. Second semifinal Veselin Topalov – Rustam Kasimdzhanov will be played tomorrow, final match is set for Sunday.

Anand at Corus Ponomariov yellow suit

Vishy Anand and Ruslan Ponomariov

IM Kalin Karakehayov will join us every day with live commentary of the Leon games. He is one of the teachers in the “online chess academy” of Chessdom that opened on the 1st of July. If you have a question about the online academy or you want to sign up for it contact us for details.

Also feel free to request an invitation code for our forum where you can talk to proffesionals such as IM Karakehayov, IM Martha Fierro, Alex Brunetti, Alan Benson, or the chessdom team.

Kalin Karakehayov

IM Kalin Karakehayov

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