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Spanish Team Championship Semi Final

Linex Magic and Merida progress to the Final


GM Vadim Milov (Gros) – GM Dimitry Jakovenko (Meri) 1/2-1/2
GM Evgeny Alekseev (Meri) – GM Vladislav Tkachiev (Gros) 1-0
GM Christian Bauer (Gros) – GM Artyom Timofeev (Meri) 0-1
GM Viktor Bologan (Meri) – GM Roberto Cifuentes Parada (Gros) 1-0

GM Alberto Andres Gonzalez (Gros) – GM Ibragim Khamrakulov (Meri) 0-1
IM Miguel Llanes Hurtado (Meri) – IM Iñigo Argandoña Rivero (Gros) – 1/2-1/2


GM Alexei Shirov (LINEX) – GM Vasily Ivanchuk (UPI) 1/2-1/2
GM Alexander Grischuck (UPI) – GM Michael Adams (LINEX) 1-0
GM Sergei Rublevsky (LINEX) – GM Etienne Bacrot (UPI) 1-0
GM Francisco Vallejo Pons (UPI) – GM Gabriel Sargissian (LINEX) 1-0
GM Ivan Cheparinov (LINEX) – GM Sergey Tiviakov (UPI) 1-0
GM Enrique Rodriguez Guerrero (UPI) – IM Manuel Perez Candelario 0-1 (LINEX)

Adams thinking Cheparinov thinking

Michael Adams and Ivan Cheparinov, the driving force of Linex Magic

The semi finals of the team championship of Spain, CECLUB, were played today in Calvia (Mallorca). Once again the European Club Cup holders Linex Magic proved that they have the magic and won against the team of Vasily Ivanchuk – Intel Tiendas Upi. The top board encounter, Shirov – Ivanchuk, started with serious time trouble for the Spanish representative of Linex. Shirov sacrificed a pawn for a king side attack, but did not get any compensation for it. Ivanchuk did not use his advantage, while Shirov found the nice 33. Be3 to save the game and get a draw.
As it happened in Turkey, GM Ivan Cheparinov and IM Manuel Perez Candelario pulled Linex Magic on the lead again. Cheparinov played a stable game against Tiviakov to win with white, while IM Manuel Perez Candelario showed that European Club Cup results were not coincidence and won against GM Enrique Rodriguez Guerrero. GM Grischuk and GM Vallejo Pons tried to save the day, but it was too late for UPI.

Victor Bologan destroyed Cifuentes to get Merida Patrimonio on the lead against Iretza-Gros. GM Khamrakulov won the second point for Merida against GM Alberto Andres Gonzalez. First and last board draws secured the victory of Merida. But that was not enough for them and GM Evgeny Alekseev decided to get a victory more

Tomorrow is the final where two teams from Merida, Linex and Mérida Patrimonio de la Humanidad, will decide who is the Spanish Team Champion. Games start at 15:00 CET and will be live on Live games

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Photos from the Spanish Team Championship

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