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Irony or a possibility?

Topalov Kamsky may take place in Elista

The Russian site cites the chess federation of Kalmikia, saying that the World Chess Championship semi final between Kamsky and Topalov might take place in Elista. The site claims that on January 11th, following the suggestion of Mr. Valeri Bovavev, has been rised the question about the organizing the match. Bovaev is quoted, “Immediately after we learned that Kamsky refuses to play the semi final in Sofia, we decided the best place for this match would be Elista.” He continues, “Elista has historically been a leading chess center, where several matches have taken place- Karpov Kamsky, the unifying match Topalov – Kramnik, the 33rd chess Olympiad, and many other tournaments.”

Asked about if he doesn’t worry about a new “toilet scandal”, similar to the one inTopalov – Kramnik, the vice president of the Russian Chess Federation answers that he knows very well the two grandmasters and that they are “gentlemen” and “intelligent young people”.

The article in continues with some well known details about the match. However, all the suggestions since the World Cup about the semi final match site sound unrealistic. Sofia, Elista…. what will be the next surprising bid?

A chronological look at the story

Immediately after winning the Chess World Cup, Kamsky stated in the press room that he will not play in Sofia and preffers a neutral field. However, FIDE has planned the match to be in Sofia and there have been frequent articles and speculations in Bulgarian newspapers that preparations are taking place. Around New Year’s Eve several vague articles appeared in Bulgarian media again, stating that Kamsky is totally against match in Sofia. However Chessdom discarted them as possible speculations. Now that we have Valeri Bovaev quoted, we can confirm that Kamsky is not happy about the situation.

Stay tuned for updates!

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