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World Chess Blindfold Cup


The Blindflod Chess World Cup is taking place 16-20 October in Bilbao, Spain. It features last year’s winner Veselin Topalov, the young chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen, the number one in women chess Judit Polgar, the NH Chess Tournament winner Sergei Karjakin, the talented young Chinese Xiangzhi Bu, and the Gyorgy Marx winner Pentala Harikrishna. A true star lineup for the World Blindfold Championship.

Two rounds will be played daily with ime control 25 minutes per player plus 10 seconds per move. One more time Bilbao is motor for changes and development in chess. This time the players will have a different scoring system: 3 points for every match won, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a defeat. Besides, Sofia Rules apply and the players are forbidden to agree a draw between themselves. Only the referee may decide whether a match is drawn, and it may only happen for one of the following three reasons: a triple repeat in positions; constant check or positions which are theoretically even.

The playing hall, Sheraton Hotel, will have live commentary, interviews, and conferences by Boris Spassky, Ubilava, Lubojevic, Txelu Fernández. A true festival of chess!

Blindflod Chess World Cup day 1

Day one did not produce any full score matches. On board 1 Veselin Topalov and Judit Polgar exchanged victories with white. The current leaders emerged from boards 2 and 3. Magnus Carlsen got 4 points (a win and a draw) against Pentala Harikrishna, and Xiangzhi Bu did the same against Sergei Karjakin.

Current standings:

1. Magnus Carlsen 4
1. Bu Xiangzhi 4
3. Veselin Topalov 3
3.Judit Polgar 3
5. Sergei karjakin 1
5. Pentala Harikrishna 1

Tomorrow the two leaders will meet in a direct match. Polgar will play with Karjakin and Topalov will face Harikrishna. Games start at 18:30 local time and can be followed at

World Blindfold cup

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