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Nigel Short: FIDE gave a grant to dishonest and derated chess event

Nigel Short two days ago announced his resignation as FIDE Vice-President with immediate effect after 4-years long service in the Arkadij Dvorkovich administration. Short’s resignation came while he is playing the FIDE World Senior Team Chess Championship in Acqui Terme, and shortly after a decision by the FIDE Ethics Commission which included the case involving a trip to the US Virgin Islands, where there were two rival organisations claiming to be the legitimate federation. (read more here)

Nigel Short today revealed that FIDE gave a grant for a 12-player Open tournament in St Croix, USVI, which was held in April. According to his words, the FIDE Fair Play Commission investigated the event deeming it dishonest and derated. Short adds that no receipts have been provided for thousands of dollar bills for the hotels.

The US Virgin Islands Chess Federation held their 2022 World Chess Federation (FIDE) Spring Festival Chess Tournament at Education Connections VI in La Grande Princesse, St. Croix, from April 29 – May 1. Twelve players competed in the 7-round swiss tournament and the final rankings can be seen below. According to the Official website of the event, the FIDE Planning and Development Commission supported the event with $5,000.

Update: FIDE reacted to Short’s tweet saying that the US Virgin Islands Chess Federation has provided the FIDE Planning and Development Commission with a report on the event and that the documents and invoices are being reviewed.

2022 World Chess Federation (FIDE) Spring Festival Chess Tournament – Final rankings:

1.Logan Childers Pickett (Puerto Rico) 6.5 points (FIDE Rating 1794)
2.Edwin G. Delgado (Puerto Rico) 5.0 points (FIDE Rating 1538)
3.Ivan Mendez Serrano (Puerto Rico) 4.5 points (FIDE Rating 1707)
4.Justin M Hair (St. Croix) 4.0 points (FIDE Rating 1505)
5.Colin Peter Heim (St. Croix) 4.0 points (FIDE Rating 1455)
6.Margaret Murphy (St. Croix) 3.5 points (FIDE Rationg 0)
7.Akelam Romain (St. Croix) 3.5 points (FIDE Rating 0)
8.Anthony Mongiello (St. Croix) 3.0 points (FIDE Rating 1435)
9.Malchi Monday (St. Croix) 3.0 points (FIDE Rating 0)
10.Michaela Lynn Cowart (St. Croix) 2.5 points (FIDE rating 0)
11.Ernest Thyberg (St. Thomas) 1.5 points (FIDE Rating 0)
12.Matthew Cafee (St. Croix) 1.5 points (FIDE Rating 0)

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