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NM Bryan Tillis – the only one to cover 4. h3?! on Chessable

NM Bryan Tillis – the only one to cover 4. h3?! unleashed by Ding Liren, in the whole Chessable library! His course on Opening Oddities. NM Tillis says, “I suggested 4…c5 in the course as h3 in the Tarrasch Queen’s Gambit isn’t very useful. I just had a single variation, but it is the only course on Chessable that had mention of the position.”

NM Tillis is a fantastic author and we truly recommend his Opening Oddities course which you can get here

More on Opening Oddities by NM Bryan Tillis

Looking for simple, elegant solutions to those annoying pet openings you know are suspect? Well, it’s time to settle the score against those dubious openings once and for all, and National Master Bryan Tillis is here to show you simple, creative, and crushingly effective ways to do it.

From playable but questionable openings like Bird’s Opening (1.f4) and the Nimzo-Larsen (1.b3) to the downright peculiar ones like the Grob (1.g4) and Sodium Attack (1.Na3), you’ll be covered against virtually every tricky first move in the game.

You’ll learn how to subdue the:

✔️Polish Opening/Orangutan (1.b4)
✔️Grob Opening (1.g4)
✔️Van Geet Opening (1.Nc3)
✔️Van’t Kruijs 1.e3
✔️Bird’s Opening (1.f4)
✔️Nimzo-Larsen (1.b3)
✔️Saragossa Opening (1.c3)
✔️Wade Opening (1.a4)
✔️ Desperez Opening (1.h4)

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