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Norwegian Youth Chess Championship 2013

The Norwegian Youth Chess Championship is going to take place March 1-3 in Oslo. The competition will determine the champions for the Junior (born 1993-1997), Kadett (b. 1998-2001), and Miniputt (born 2002 and younger) categories.

The event will be a six round Monrad system (see the pairings system explained below) with one round Friday, three Saturday and two on Sunday. Each game has time control of 1 hour for 40 moves and 30 min for the rest of the game.

Each club may enter with an unlimited number of teams, consisting of four players and up to two substitutes who must all be the main members of the same club or local branch. Here are the players for the Norwegian youth competition

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Player Club ELO
Benjamin  Arvola Tromsø 2323
Magnus  Eriksen Alta 2157
Erlend  Mikalsen Alta 2102
Stian  Johansen Alta 2045
Håvard M  Skagseth Tromsø 1941
Fredrik Beer  Jacobsen Stavanger 1842
Sondre  Merkesvik Bergens 1854
Alf Gjøran  Jakobsen Alta 1849
Jørgen  Hoel Bergens 1765
Eivind X  Djurhuus Nordstrand 1799
Håkon N  Nordstrøm Bergens 1757
Elise  Forså Tromsø 1819
Eivind  Aartun Stavanger 1768
Martin  Nilsen Stavanger 1661
Jon  Machlik Tromsø 1805
Lasse E  Bjørn Tromsø 1748
Andreas G  Tryggestad Nordstrand 1536
Jonas H  Rasmussen Bergens 1651
Sigve  Hølleland Bergens 1564
Cornelius  Kvendseth Nordstrand 1514
Andreas  Fossan Stavanger 1322
Ingrid Andrea  Greibrokk Alta 1447
Marte B  Kyrkjebø Stavanger 1569
Endre  Machlik Tromsø 1472
Caroline Beer  Jacobsen Stavanger 1453
Erling Dyrhaug  Skjølås Stavanger 1403
Sverre S  Dyrhaug Stavanger 1321
Elise Sjøttem  Jacobsen Tromsø 1389
Hanna B  Kyrkjebø Stavanger 1509
Aschmirthan  Sivaranjan Nordstrand 1356
Flemming  Aas Bergens 1295
Rasmus L  Haugland Modum 1545
Didrik  Braathen Nordstrand 1399
Andre  Nielsen Alta 1321
Martin  Saltvedt Stavanger 1305
Lucas  Ranaldi Stavanger 1287
Kristoffer  Bråtveit Stavanger 1217
Aleksander  Fossan Stavanger 1173
Benjamin  Fossan Stavanger 1155
Henrik G  Tallaksen Stavanger 1143
Martin G  Johnsen Tromsø 1112
Regine  Forså Tromsø 1100
Dag E B  Nord Nittedal 1097
Øyvind B  Fløtten Modum 1075
Helene  Lorem Tromsø 1043
Daniel  Nordquelle Nordstrand 1035
Axel  Sit Nordstrand 1033
Johan  Hestvik Alta 960
Sigurd Kjelsbøl  Huse Nordstrand 909
Tor Fredrik  Kaasen Tromsø 895
Henrik  Kristoffersen Alta 869
Pradheeban  Sivaranjan Nordstrand 832
Abdulla  Al-Kanany Modum 824
Maria  Greibrokk Alta 812
William Sandberg  Olsen Moss 810
Thyra  Kvendseth Nordstrand 803
Ulrikke  Langvik Nordstrand 802
Sigve Saman  Zandi Tromsø 800
Aleksander  Flæsen Stavanger 789
Jens Christian L  Opdahl Bergens 751
Benjamin  Halvorsen Tromsø 747
Gustav A  Gleine Alta 741
Håkon  Kristoffersen Alta 732
Amalie Isabel  Merkesvik Bergens 724
Magnus  Falck Stavanger 721
Jon Håkon Aa  Olsen Kragerø 690
Einar Frøvik  Clausen Kragerø 670
Linnea Garberg  Tryggestad Nordstrand 646
Mads  Vestby-Ellingsen Tromsø 628
Vladimir  Merzliakov Alta 592
Ida Sundsvoll  Andreassen Tromsø 585
Torgeir  Bjelland Stavanger 572
Tor Harald Aa  Olsen Kragerø 546
Ingrid Jødre  Kvamme Bergens 536
Einar  Lorem Tromsø 513
Simen Strand  Aasand Modum Sku 0
Johannes Matre  Bergersen Sandved Ssk 0
Olav  Brattetveit Bergens 0
Richard K,  Brunstad NTG Bærum 0
John-Elijah  Bussinger Nittedal 0
Kirill  Fedchuk Tromsø Sku 0
Marius  Gøbel Nordstrand SKU 0
Axel  Hansson NTG Bærum 0
Thomas  Hartvig Nittedal 0
Håkon  Helgøy Sandved Ssk 0
Arne Kjelsbøl  Huse Nordstrand 0
Henrik  Høyby Ntg Bærum 0
Daniel  Høyland Sandved Ssk 0
Niko  Idivuoma Tromsø Sku 0
Simon T  Johannessen Kragerø 0
Erlend Raugstad  Kluge Smeaheia SS 0
Thomas Jødre  Kvamme Bergens 0
Halvor  Leira Nordstrand 0
Philip  Liabø Nordstrand SKU 0
Gunnar  Lund Tromsø Sku 0
Steffen Habberstad  Lundeby Nordstrand 0
Haakon Anker Førland  Monclair NTG Bærum 0
Øyvind  Monclair NTG Bærum 0
Eran  Murali Nordstrand SKU 0
Jonas  Mæland Sandved Ssk 0
David  Nesse Smeaheia SS 0
Tobias L.  Nilsen Moss Sku 0
Mursal  Noradi Alta 0
Mats  Nærheim Smeaheia SS 0
Fredrik Johan Aa.  Olsen Kragerø Sku 0
Sondre  Piiksi Moss Sku 0
Martin  Røren Modum Sku 0
Isak  Sjøberg Nordstrand SKU 0
Hannah Sesilie  Stangeland Sandved Ssk 0
Andreas  Stavenes Smeaheia 0
Selmer  Sundell Moss Sku 0
Thomas  Sveinsvoll Smeaheia SS 0
Magnus  Sætre Nittedal 0
Emilie  Tårnes Tromsø Sku 0
Anders  Tørresen Tromsø Sku 0
Tim  Wanvik NTG Bærum 0
Benjamin  Wold Moss Sku 0


Monrad system (pairings)

The pairings of the competition are going to be made with the Monrad system. This is common tournament system in Norway and Denmark is the Monrad system. It is very similar to the Swiss System, but deemphasizes ratings, and bases the pairings on the starting number each contestant has received at random before the tournament. The Danish version is a fairly simple method, players are initially ranked at random, and pairings are modified mainly to avoid players meeting each other twice.The Norwegian system has an optional seeding system for the first round pairings, and within a score group, the pairing algorithm endeavors to give players alternating colors.
For the Norway youth and junior chess championship, a Norwegian Monrad system will be used.

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