Open d’Echecs de Wasselonne

17th Open d'Echecs de WasselonneThe 17th Open d’Echecs de Wasselonne took place on 1-4th August at l’Espace Saint-Laurent de Wasselonne, near Strasbourg, France.

Group A was open for the players rated above 1400. International Masters Boris Grimberg (Germany), Jean-Noel Riff (France) and Grandmaster Aleksandr Karpatchev shared the first place with 6,0/7 points each. 134 players competed in this section.

Group B was reserved for the players rated under 1500. Alex Maria Oproae (1423, Spain) convincingly won this section with 6,5/7 points leaving the nearest follower a full point behind. There were 61 players in this group.

Group A final standings:

1-3. IM GRIMBERG Boris 2369 GER , IM RIFF Jean-Noel 2427 FRA and GM KARPATCHEV Aleksandr 2475 RUS – 6,0

4-6. IM CHERNOV Vadim 2450 ROU, IM MENSCH Etienne 2345 FRA and IM ROOS Jean-Luc 2260 FRA – 5,5

7-22. IM GENZLING Alain 2396 FRA, FM LERCH Patrice 2369 FRA, IM AGUETTAZ Maxime 2388 FRA, SCHREMS Hermann 2148 GER, BARBARAS Mathieu 2106 FRA, FM VOLODIN Ivan 2266 RUS, SAATDJIAN Stephane 2064 FRA, LAVERDET Tristan 1995 FRA, HIRSCHBERG Valerian 2317 GER , WIM SCHWEITZER Viktoriya 2199 FRA, DEGARDIN Sylvain 2046 FRA, DEVOILLE Hugo 1980 FRA, BELLAHCENE Rayane 1989 FRA, FISCHER Sebastian 2259 GER, COLSON Arnaud 2086 FRA and SCHOTT Reimund 2001 FRA – 5,0 etc (134 players)

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