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Peter Heine Nielsen joins Andrii Baryshpolets as deputy

The Ukrainian Grandmaster Andrii Baryshpolets is running for president of FIDE in the upcoming presidential elections during the Chess Olympiad 2022. Baryshpolets announced his intention to challenge Dvorkovich, pointing corruption practices, systematic reputational issues, misrepresentation of federations, and failures to observe democratic, liberal and corporate governance principles. The Danish Grandmaster Peter Heine Nielsen announced through social media that he will join Baryshpolets team as deputy. “I am proud to announce that I will be running as Andrii Baryshpolets Deputy in the upcoming FIDE elections. I fully share his vision and values, and think he is capable of making FIDE apolitical and fully transparent. Gens Una Sumus. #FIDE #Chess” More on the Baryshpolets campaign: Interview with Andrii Baryshpolets / Andrii Baryshpolets announces his candidacy / Andrii Baryshpolets on Twitter / All articles on Andrii Baryshpolets here More on the Dvorkovich campaignDvorkovich announces his team with Anand on board / Dvorkovich #SayChess hashtag controversy / 

Transparency is the key word in Peter Heine Nielsen’s statement. He has been advocating for months for a more transparent FIDE, often entering in direct discussion with FIDE high officials on Twitter (recently on the World Championship title issue). With no concrete action from FIDE regarding this issue, now Nielsen is taking action by joining the team of Baryshpolets for the upcoming FIDE elections.

First steps by Peter Heine Nielsen in the transparency direction

Just hours after announcing that he is running for deputy of Baryshpolets, Peter Heine Nielsen revealed some of the first steps in the transparency direction. Asked on Twitter by Goran Urosevic who will be his FIDE Director-General, Nielsen replied, “In the spirit of transparency, expect FIDE to start having an open job application process, with jobs being listed, and people having a chance to apply. Jobs in FIDE should not be a reward for helping in a political election campaign.”

George Mastrokoukos inquired, “In the same spirit, you should also advise if you will resign from the team of Magnus. FIDE makes many decisions regarding World Championship regulations, contracts with players, etc, so you will have a clear conflict of interests there. Better to clear this in advance” to which Nielsen commented, “Based on recent interviews, it seems that the most likely is that Magnus will not defend his title. But if so, we will have to find a solution. In a transparent way.” Recent #TweetOftheDay: Behind the scenes – Carlsen and his team prepare for the World Championship Match

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