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A chess game during the lunch break at Piumini Danesi

A chess game during the lunch break at Piumini Danesi

Piumini Danesi is an Italian company for duvets, pillows, and bed comfort. In an interesting turn of events, they have chosen the sport of chess as one of their primary research methods.

Daniele from Piumini Danesi shares, “We are all caught up with the bustling of work, family, and city life, hence we often tend to forget to take care of ourselves and we underestimate the importance of recharging our own batteries with simple natural sleep. And this is so important for the game of chess where concentration and mental strength is required.”

With 600 million potential players around the world, according to the recent study of Agon and YouGov, and with their travel lifestyle, Daniele, Else, Francesco, and everyone at Piumini Danesi make a point. Here is a short interview.

The moto of Piumini Danesi - efficient sleep for an efficient mind

The moto of Piumini Danesi – efficient sleep for an efficient mind

It is very interesting that a duvets and pillows company chooses chess as primary research method. How did you come up with this decision?

In Piumini Danesi we are not professional players, but all are very passionate about chess. Every lunch break, after work, or even when we go to bars at Rome our colleagues open a chess set and play some games. Having this company internal culture for years, combined with the global rise of chess in recent years and the large amount of news that reach us on a daily basis were the first things that pushed us to researching with chess players. Our experience in the field of providing comfort, relaxation, and good night sleep have led us to the conclusion we can be helpful to the performance of multiple chess players around the world.

You say Piumini Danesi can help the performance of a chess player. In what way?

We live in a very dynamic world, it is not like the old times where muscles had high importance, now the brain matters more and more. Piumini Danesi is designed exactly for this – to relax the brain from all daily routines, to provide comfortable sleep, and total relaxation.

There are recent studies of how better sleep helps improve concentration, and here we have the chess link. The board game of chess is a complex process of study, brain development, and performance. Piumini Danesi helps in this last element by boosting two important element of the performance – mental strength and concentration.

Of course it is applicable for any profession, for any person having trouble finding comfort at night. But with chess and the large variety and social groups, we have one of the best examples. Choosing the right duvet according to your age, with the ultimate selection of goose down clusters contained in the highest quality of cotton related to your room temperature and region is the first right step.

Many player have trouble sleeping before games?

This is something common for the chess world, you change your bed every time you travel to a different tournament. You change your time zone, have jet lag, consume different dinner, or even have different humidity in the given climate zone. Carrying the Piumini Danese pillow, or even the simpler voyager pillow, can be the key to eliminating these problems. Changing the habitat is disturbing and such simple moves can help.

A chess game during the lunch break at Piumini Danesi

A chess game during the lunch break at Piumini Danesi

More about Piumini Danesi® pooq dene®

Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® has since 1975 offered the ultimate in bedding indulgence: High quality goose down duvet, which contains only selected goose down clusters from the undercoating of geese, which has lived in cold climate. The natural properties of selected goose down: hygroscopicity, elasticity, non conductivity and volume allow for the creation of an anti-allergic and anti-rheumatic Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® duvet, which has no equal in lightness and softness, ensuring healthy transpiration and hence a comfortable healthy rest to its user.

The Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® duvets have continuously been produced for 38 years in the same factory in Lunderskov in Denmark. The Duvet from Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® are accompanied by a certificate of guarantee of 10 years.
In addition to the precious duvets , Piumini Danesi provides an outstanding collection of fashionable trendy duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases made with Italian manufacture and fabric of the highest possible quality.
Each of the exquisite duvet covers is individually manufactured by skilled Italian artisans reflecting the excellence of standards, that Piumini Danesi has always been renowned for. The duvet covers are all made from natural fabric, cotton, sateen and damask and characterized by a meticulous cure to detail, providing both protection for your duvet as well as a touch of class, elegance and sophistication to your bedroom.

Other than the exceptional duvets and duvet covers, which are by far the backbone of the company, Piumini Danesi boasts a great variety of products that ranges from exquisite pillows and designer baby bedding to useful travel accessories meant to transform your journey into a fantastic, stress-free experience.

Visit the official website of Piumini Danesi pooq dene

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