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Polina Tsedenova celebrates 25 years in FIDE

July 1st, 2022 marks the 25th year with FIDE for Polina Tsedenova.

Polina Tsedenova is a professional interpreter and International Chess Organizer who started working in FIDE in 1997. She organized all the FIDE Congresses since 1997, with exception of the 2020 FIDE Congress: “I clearly remember the 1997 FIDE Congress in Chisinau (Moldova) because we did it with a previous administration jointly. Their experience was very helpful” says Polina. In the interview for chessdailynews, she described a FIDE Congress in a few words: “This is the chaos which we are trying to control“.

The work in FIDE brought her diversity, challenge, team spirit, and the possibility to meet many great personalities. But there were also hard times for a working mother of a young child, explains Polina.

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary with FIDE!

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