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Praggnanandhaa wins Reykjavik Chess 2022

An eventful Kvika Reykjavik Open came to an end yesterday as 245 players from 39 countries played their final moves of the event. The Indian sensation Praggnanandhaa was the soler winner clocking in with an impressive 7½ pionts in the 9 rounds.

The prize giving ceremony was held at the Reykjavik Ciy Hall and Pawel Bartoszek, member of city council, welcomed players with some impressive flexing of his chess vocabulary when he weaved in that he didn’t rage quit and how his opening repertoire had stayed the same for too long. He gave out the prizes along with ICF president Gunnar Bjornsson and vice president Jóhanna Björg Jóhannsdóttir.

The players above finished in  2nd.-5th after the dramatic final round. 7 points was the final score for Hjörvar Steinn Grétarsson (2548) Iceland, Max Warmerdam (2599), Netherlands, Mads Andersen (2582), Denmark and Mishra Abhimanyu (2524), USA, the youngest GM in the world.

6th-10th place.

The prize winners were as follows

Main Prizes

Rank TitleNameCtrEloPtsPrize
1GMPraggnanandhaa RIND26247.55000
2GMWarmerdam MaxNED259971581
3GMAndersen MadsDEN258271206
4GMGretarsson Hjorvar SteinnISL25427981
5GMMishra AbhimanyuUSA25247881
6GMFier AlexandrBRA25736.5318
7GMNiemann Hans MokeUSA26376.5268
GMGupta AbhijeetIND26166.5268
9IMLarkin VladyslavUKR24246.5268
10IMKorley KassaDEN24006.5268
11GMMaze SebastienFRA25246.5
IMClarke Brandon G IENG24366.5
13IMSarkar JustinUSA23146.5
14IMYoo Christopher WoojinUSA25326.5
15GMLibiszewski FabienFRA25106.5

Seniors (+65)

The legend, Oleg Romanishin was the top finisher for seniors.

Ukrainian Grandmaster Oleg Romanishin (2415) was the winner of the senior category prize.

1GMRomanishin Oleg M2415400
2IMLarge Peter G2293200
3IMPovah Nigel E2216150


Youngster with their prizes

Mishra Abhimanyu
 (2524) was top junior..

1GMMishra Abhimanyu25247250
2IMYoo Christopher Woojin2532150
3GMGukesh D26376100

Womens prizes

Brunello, Tania and Anna

Indian chess queen Tania Sachdev (2392) had a very good tournament and won the women’s prize. Anna Cramling also had a good tournament.

1IMTania Sachdev23926750
2IMBrunello Marina2337450
3WFMCramling Bellon Anna2057300

Rating category (2201-2400)

Prize winners in 2201-2400 category.

Danish/American IM Kassa Korley (2400) was the highest sub 2400.

1IMKorley Kassa2400250
2IMSarkar Justin2314150
3IMSong Julien23736100

Rating category (2201-2400)

Winners iní 2001-2200 category.

German Vitaliy Garbuz came out on top in sub 2200 category

1Garbuz Vitaliy21426250
2Zysko Jan2110150
3Player Edmund C2196100

Rating category (0-2000)

Anand with his prize.

Vignesh Anand (1829) was the highest placed finisher sub 2000.

1Anand Vignesh1829250
2Filipovich David1975150
3Hartmann Wolfgang Dr.1927100

Best performance according to rating

  1. Birkir Hallmundarson 574 (1736-1162)  – €250
  2. Tómas Möller 517 (1857-1340) – €150
  3. Þorsteinn Jakob F Þorsteinsson 457 (1851-1394) – €100

The Icelandic Chess Federation thanks all the 245 players that participated in Harpa, we hope to see you again soon!

Special thanks go to the main sponsors of the tourney, The city of ReykjavikKvika and FIDE were the biggest sponsors and we are very grateful, without their support a tournament of this size and class is not possible!

Hannes Frímann from Kvika with the 1st move in the final round

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