Raja Nazrin Shah Invitational Masters with interesting start

Das and Barbosa

DYTM Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah Invitational Masters & International Open Championship

In every tournament one needs a bit of luck and International Master Oliver Barbosa and Jahongir Vakhidov probably got more than their fair slice of luck to record back to back wins against International Masters Arghyadip Das and Richard Bitoon respectively in Round 2 on the first day of play in the DYTM Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah Invitational Masters & International Open Championships being held from 4-10 September at the Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur.
Until then, all the four players had won their morning opening games for a perfect start and were aggressively looking to build on their early advantage.
It had been a good, maybe even a great day in the office in the first round for the top two rated bets from the Philippines, and clearly the exact opposite for their colleagues from Singapore as with relentless play Barbosa and Bitoon slowly ground down their opponents, fellow Grandmaster hopeful International Master Goh Wei Ming and Grandmaster Wong Meng Kong respectively to take home their first points.
Uzbekistan’s young upset Jahongir Vakhidov and India’s Arghyadip Das were also happy with their first round wins over Vietnamese Grandmaster Nguyen Anh Dung and Malaysia’s Mas Hafizulhelmi while International Master Nguyen Van Huy was unable to make headway against veteran Grandmaster Tahir Vakhidov and so they ended up splitting the point early.
But after just two rounds it there are still seven rounds more to go and so there is still all to play for and Nguyen Van Huy and Tahir Vakhidov has increased their tally to 1.5 points to sit just half a point behind the leaders while Goh has bounced back well by beating a woefully out of form Nguyen Anh Dung, who together with Wong and Mas has yet to get onto the scoreboard.
Report by Peter Long


Video by Vijay Kumar, includes the opening ceremony, the games, and interviews with IM Oliver Barbosa, IM Roy Chowdhury, and GM Tahir Vakhidov.



International invitational R1 and R2


IM Vakhidov Jahongir 1 – 0 GM Nguyen Anh Dung
IM Bitoon Richard 1 – 0 GM Wong Meng Kong
IM Nguyen Van Huy ½ – ½ GM Vakhidov Tahir
IM Mas Hafizulhelmi 0 – 1 IM Das Arghyadip
IM Barbosa Oliver 1 – 0 IM Goh Wei Ming Kevin
GM Nguyen Anh Dung 0 – 1 IM Goh Wei Ming Kevin
IM Das Arghyadip 0 – 1 IM Barbosa Oliver
GM Vakhidov Tahir 1 – 0 IM Mas Hafizulhelmi
GM Wong Meng Kong 0 – 1 IM Nguyen Van Huy
IM Vakhidov Jahongir 1 – 0 IM Bitoon Richard


International Open standings after round 2


IM Kelly Brian IRL 2488 2 pts.
IM Nguyen Duc Hoa VIE 2460 2 pts.
IM Liu Qingnan CHN 2430 2 pts.
IM Roy Chowdhury Saptarshi IND 2427 2 pts.
IM Dimakiling Oliver PHI 2414 2 pts.
IM Yap Kim Steven PHI 2396 2 pts.
IM Duong The Anh VIE 2378 2 pts.
IM Purnama Tirta Chandra INA 2368 2 pts.
IM Ranola Yves PHI 2366 2 pts.
Zhou Guijue CHN 2174 2 pts.
Olay Edgar Reggie PHI 2303 2 pts.
GM Megaranto Susanto INA 2530 2 pts.
IM Nolte Rolando PHI 2457 2 pts.
WGM Pham Le Thao Nguyen VIE 2362 2 pts.
IM Lahiri Atanu IND 2361 2 pts.
WGM Sukandar Irine Kharisma INA 2330 2 pts.
GM Sanchez Joseph PHI 2544 2 pts.
WIM Muminova Nafisa UZB 2319 2 pts.
WIM Nguyen Thi Mai Hung VIE 2286 2 pts.
WFM Sihite Chelsie Monica INA 2100 2 pts.
WFM Dewi Aa Citra INA 2083 2 pts.
FM Yee Soon Wei BRU 2284 2 pts.
GM Barus Cerdas INA 2438 1 pts.
IM Lioe Dede INA 2402 1 pts.
Legaspi, Rhobel PHI 2313 1 pts.
Udani Ian PHI 2307 1 pts.
Bagamasbad Efren PHI 2201 1 pts.
FM Kyi Thein MYA 2190 1 pts.
Foo Benjamin SIN 2178 1 pts.
Hammer Dale M USA 2158 1 pts.
Lim Zhuo Ren MAS 2132 1 pts.
Legaspi Edmundo PHI 2125 1 pts.
WFM Medina Warda Aulia INA 2112 1 pts.
Lee Kai Jie Edward SIN 2008 1 pts.
Chakrabarti Tamal IND 2005 1 pts.
Dale Ari AUS 1977 1 pts.
Lim Kian Hwa MAS 1905 1 pts.
WCM Nur Nabila Azman Hisham MAS 1894 1 pts.
Ajeet Singh Roshan MAS 1886 1 pts.
Chibnall Alana AUS 1844 1 pts.
Azhar Muhd Irfan Haqqim MAS 1838 1 pts.
Marret Benjamin FRA 1820 1 pts.
Ding Tze How Dilwen MAS 1807 1 pts.
FM Tin Jingyao SIN 1962 1 pts.
William, Lee Kah Howe MAS 1787 1 pts.
WCM Savant Riya IND 1782 1 pts.
Srivatanakul Pricha THA 1759 1 pts.
Limono Handjojo INA 1936 1 pts.
Teh De Juan MAS 1672 1 pts.
Lee Qing Aun SIN 1548 1 pts.
Tan Li Ting MAS 1846 1 pts.
Ong Way Justin MAS 2041 0 pts.
Low Zhen Yu Cyrus SIN 1727 0 pts.
Cheong Jie Yao MAS 1736 0 pts.
Teh De Zen MAS 1691 0 pts.
Tha Zan MYA 0 0 pts.
Tin Ruiqi SIN 0 0 pts.
Chai Hweimeen AUS 1735 0 pts.
Puccini Jack AUS 1735 0 pts.
Dutton Lucas Matthew MAS 1663 0 pts.
Saleh Anis Fariha MAS 1588 0 pts.
Dale Finley AUS 1563 0 pts.
Goh Robert NZL 0 0 pts.
Greenwood Martin ENG 0 0 pts.
Narayanan Sri Shiva Kumar MAS 0 0 pts.
Saw Lye Guan MAS 0 0 pts.

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