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Rajlich, Vajda and Gara tie for the first at the Women Spring Festival

The Hungarian Chess Federation organized the International Women Spring Chess Festival from 7-15th April, 2015, in Budapest, the capital of Hungary and one of the largest cities in Central Europe.

The event was a 9-round Swiss tournament, exclusively for women. The tempo of play was 90′/ 40 + 30′ + 30″.

The first place was split in a three-way tie by Polish player IM Iweta Rajlich and Hungarians IM Szidonia Vajda and WGM Ticia Gara after the whole group finished the event with 6,5/9 points.

However, Rajlich prevailed on a superior tie-break score and took the gold, while Vajda remained second.

You can see the full standings and replay the games below.

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The winners WGM Ticia Gara, IM Iweta Rajlich and IM Szidonia Vajda

The winners WGM Ticia Gara, IM Iweta Rajlich and IM Szidonia Vajda (photo courtesy: WGM Adriana Nikolova)

WGM Adriana Nikolova

WGM Adriana Nikolova

Photo courtesy: WGM Adriana Nikolova

Photo courtesy: WGM Adriana Nikolova

Final standings:

1 IM Rajlich Iweta POL 2406 6,5
2 IM Vajda Szidonia HUN 2323 6,5
3 WGM Gara Ticia HUN 2282 6,5
4 WGM Nikolova Adriana BUL 2329 6
5 IM Sedina Elena ITA 2305 6
6 Havanecz Bianka HUN 2244 5,5
7 IM Gara Anita HUN 2331 5
8 WFM Terbe Julianna HUN 2236 5
9 WFM Juhasz Barbara HUN 2139 4,5
10 WFM Nomin-Erdene Davaademberel MGL 2371 4,5
11 WIM Dave Dhyani IND 2157 4,5
12 Erdos Boglarka HUN 2176 4,5
13 Erseki Tamara HUN 1861 4,5
14 WIM Varga Klara HUN 2192 4
15 WFM Terbe Zsuzsanna HUN 2129 4
16 WIM Dudas Eszter HUN 2187 4
17 Papp Andrea HUN 1556 4
18 Majoros Rozsa HUN 1699 3,5
19 Palocz Katalin HUN 1366 3,5
20 Jurak Miklosne HUN 1666 2,5
21 Pilmayer Katalin Viola HUN 1513 2,5
22 Demeter Dorina HUN 1662 1,5

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