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Rapid Chess Championship 2017 goes to Stockfish

stockfishAfter 552 games and 46 rounds, Stockfish is the 2017 TCEC Rapid Chess Champion. Congratulations!

While Houdini was convincing in the classical time control event and won there with a solid margin, the rapid was a different affair as the audience enjoyed a race until the very last moment between Houdini and Stockfish. For many rounds the two engines were with equal points and going into the last round anything was possible. Stockfish managed to take the maximum from Texel, while Houdini drew its game against Gull. With 40,0/45, Stockfish became the new TCEC Rapid Chess Champion. Second place is for Houdini with 39,5/46. The bronze medal is for Komodo with 36,0/46.

In an interesting twist, in the classical championship Stockfish was undefeated but did not win the title. In the rapid Houdini was undefeated and also missed the gold medal.

Next up is the blitz championship and you can follow it live here.

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Final standings

1. Stockfish 40,0/46
2. Houdini 39,5/46
3. Komodo 36,0/46
4. Fire 33,5/46
5. Chiron 31,0/46
6. Ginkgo 30,0/46
7. Adscacs 29,0/46
8. Texel 28,5/46
9. Fizbo 28,0/46
10. Jonny 25,5/46

Total 24 engines, full standings here

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