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Renova Grand Prix in Zug – Opening Ceremony (pairings)

FIDE and Renova Group of Companies are pleased to announce that the third leg of the FIDE Grand Prix Series 2012/13 will be held between the 17th of April 2013 and 1st of May 2013 in Zug, Switzerland. This is the first time that the FIDE Grand Prix has been named after the sponsors.

The first round will be played on Thursday, April 18th at 14:00 local time with the games Morozevich-Kasimdzhanov, Mamedyarov-Ponomariov, Caruana-Radjabov, Karjakin-Nakamura, Giri-Topalov, Leko-Kamsky. Full pairings below.

Live games / Full list of participants here

The opening ceremony took place today at the Swissever Hotel in Zug. The drawing of colors was made and the players were welcomed to the Swiss town.

This event will see a mixture of aggressive and solid players, which hopefully will create interesting battles over the boards.

Fabiano Caruana


Veselin Topalov


Hikaru Nakamura

The Azerbaijanis having a good time

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Round 1
Morozevich Alexander Kasimdzhanov Rustam
Mamedyarov Shakhriyar Ponomariov Ruslan
Caruana Fabiano Radjabov Teimour
Karjakin Sergey Nakamura Hikaru
Giri Anish Topalov Veselin
Leko Peter Kamsky Gata
Round 2
Kasimdzhanov Rustam Kamsky Gata
Topalov Veselin Leko Peter
Nakamura Hikaru Giri Anish
Radjabov Teimour Karjakin Sergey
Ponomariov Ruslan Caruana Fabiano
Morozevich Alexander Mamedyarov Shakhriyar
Round 3
Mamedyarov Shakhriyar Kasimdzhanov Rustam
Caruana Fabiano Morozevich Alexander
Karjakin Sergey Ponomariov Ruslan
Giri Anish Radjabov Teimour
Leko Peter Nakamura Hikaru
Kamsky Gata Topalov Veselin
Round 4
Kasimdzhanov Rustam Topalov Veselin
Nakamura Hikaru Kamsky Gata
Radjabov Teimour Leko Peter
Ponomariov Ruslan Giri Anish
Morozevich Alexander Karjakin Sergey
Mamedyarov Shakhriyar Caruana Fabiano
Round 5
Caruana Fabiano Kasimdzhanov Rustam
Karjakin Sergey Mamedyarov Shakhriyar
Giri Anish Morozevich Alexander
Leko Peter Ponomariov Ruslan
Kamsky Gata Radjabov Teimour
Topalov Veselin Nakamura Hikaru
Round 6
Kasimdzhanov Rustam Nakamura Hikaru
Radjabov Teimour Topalov Veselin
Ponomariov Ruslan Kamsky Gata
Morozevich Alexander Leko Peter
Mamedyarov Shakhriyar Giri Anish
Caruana Fabiano Karjakin Sergey
Round 7
Karjakin Sergey Kasimdzhanov Rustam
Giri Anish Caruana Fabiano
Leko Peter Mamedyarov Shakhriyar
Kamsky Gata Morozevich Alexander
Topalov Veselin Ponomariov Ruslan
Nakamura Hikaru Radjabov Teimour
Round 8
Kasimdzhanov Rustam Radjabov Teimour
Ponomariov Ruslan Nakamura Hikaru
Morozevich Alexander Topalov Veselin
Mamedyarov Shakhriyar Kamsky Gata
Caruana Fabiano Leko Peter
Karjakin Sergey Giri Anish
Round 9
Giri Anish Kasimdzhanov Rustam
Leko Peter Karjakin Sergey
Kamsky Gata Caruana Fabiano
Topalov Veselin Mamedyarov Shakhriyar
Nakamura Hikaru Morozevich Alexander
Radjabov Teimour Ponomariov Ruslan
Round 10
Kasimdzhanov Rustam Ponomariov Ruslan
Morozevich Alexander Radjabov Teimour
Mamedyarov Shakhriyar Nakamura Hikaru
Caruana Fabiano Topalov Veselin
Karjakin Sergey Kamsky Gata
Giri Anish Leko Peter
Round 11
Leko Peter Kasimdzhanov Rustam
Kamsky Gata Giri Anish
Topalov Veselin Karjakin Sergey
Nakamura Hikaru Caruana Fabiano
Radjabov Teimour Mamedyarov Shakhriyar
Ponomariov Ruslan Morozevich Alexander

Photos by Anastasiya Karlovich

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