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Revenge brings the only !cupset in the TCEC Cup 1/8 finals

The 1/8 finals of the jubilee edition of the TCEC Cup are history. The 16 best engines from the TCEC S22 qualified for this round without trouble. The league winner Stockfish, the Superfinal participant KomodoDragon, and the subfinal winner Lc0 had no problems in their matches, winning with significant margin. Stoofvlees, Slowchess, and Igel followed suit. Revenge, the engine by Fabio Gobbato, was the only engine to bring a !cupset – seeded 12th, it defeated the 4th seeded RofChade.

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The pairings for the 1/4 finals are Stockfish – Stoofvlees, Lc0 – ScorpioNN, KomodoDragon – Slowchess, and Revenge – Igel.

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More about Revenge Chess engine

Revenge is a strong original chess engine in development since 2013 with the name of Pedone. It’s available for Windows x86-64, Linux x86-64, Linux ARMv8 and Linux ARMv7. It supports the UCI protocol and it is a console program that needs a GUI to work. The latest version is Revenge 2.0 released on 18 December 2021, while at TCEC you can find the latest development version competing. You can check how the engine performs versus other engines visiting CCRL and CEGT.

Official website of Revenge:

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