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Romanian Grand Prix 2022 – Stage 2

The 2nd leg of the Romanian Grand Prix 2022 will take place from 4-11 June in Targu Mures.
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The city of Targu Mures will simultaneously host two tournaments: A (part of the Romanian Grand Prix for players rated 2200+) and B (Targu Mures Open for players rated U2200). Both events will be played in 9 rounds, swiss system, with time control: 90 minutes + 30 sec/move starting from the first move.
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The total prize fund of the events will be 100.000 Romanian lei (20.000 euros), with 75.000 lei reserved for the Grand Prix and 25.000 for the Targu Mures Open. The Winner of the 2nd Romanian Grand Prix event will win the prize of 25.000 lei (5.000 euros) with the best ranked women player winning 5.000 lei (1.100 euros).

Starting list of participants currently gathers 33 players from 7 countries, including 27 titled players. The top seeds are GM Constantin Lupulescu, GM Martin Petrov, GM Vlad-Cristian Jianu.

No. NameFEDRtg
1GMLupulescu Constantin ROU2623
2GMPetrov Martin BUL2545
3GMJianu Vlad-Cristian ROU2527
4GMMiron Lucian-Costin ROU2510
5GMNevednichy Vladislav ROU2496
6GMSwayams Mishra IND2489
7IMSchitco Ivan MDA2484
8GMManolache Marius ROU2481
9IMMacovei Andrei MDA2453
10IMBaltag Iulian MDA2411
11IMBulmaga Irina ROU2397
12IMFilip Lucian-Ioan ROU2385
13IMVasiesiu Dan ROU2385
14IMSoltanici Ruslan MDA2379
15IMManea Alexandru ROU2360
16FMSecheres Adrian-Simion ROU2360
17IMBrunello Marina ITA2349
18FMSamani Yamac TUR2336
19FMYordanov Lachezar BUL2306
20WIMTerbe Julianna HUN2304
21IMPetre Nad-Titus ROU2297
22WGMCosma Elena-Luminita ROU2277
23WGMSandu Mihaela ROU2270
24CMCnejev Vladimir-Alexandru ROU2187
25FMPribeanu Mihail-Dacian ROU2175
26FMRusan Paul-Cristian ROU2114
27IVeress Armand ROU2100
28ISaioc David ROU1897
29INagy-Elek Tamas ROU1880
30INegrean Andrei ROU1846
31WCMPuia Alexia-Teodora ROU1787
32IBira Andrada-Paraschiva ROU1685
33IStefan Iulia-Cristiana ROU1646

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