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Romanian Women’s Chess Championship 2023

The Romanian Women’s Chess Championship 2023 will take place from 18-26 February in Sebes. The event will be simultaneously held with the 2023 Romanian National Chess Championship. Championships will be played in 9 rounds, swiss system, with time control of 90 minutes for 40 moves, plus 15 minutes until the end of the game, with the increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one.

IM Corina Isabela Peptan, WGM Elena-Luminita Cosma and WIM Silvia-Raluca Sgircea will be the top-seeded players of the event. Scroll down for starting list of players

Corina Peptan
IM Corina Peptan

Starting list of players – Romanian Women’s Chess Championship 2023:

No. NameRtg
1IMPeptan, Corina-Isabela2351
2WGMCosma, Elena-Luminita2244
3WIMSgircea, Silvia-Raluca2237
4WFMCiolacu, Alessia-Mihaela2231
5WGMSandu, Mihaela2206
6WFMCosman, Andreea-Marioara2187
7WIMLehaci, Miruna-Daria2157
8WIMDragomirescu, Angela2113
9WFMObada, Ema2106
10WFMPirvulescu (Nikanova), Ekaterina2030
11WCMMatasaru, Stephanie1975
12WCMBucur, Denisa-Andreea1953
13WCMTrifoi, Mihaela-Ioana1953
14WCMPanainte, Andreea-Bianca1909
15WCMStanciu, Andreea-Briana1851
16WCMLolici, Iselin-Amanda1847
17WCMParaschiv, Petronela-Alexandr1846
18WCMBatagan, Ilinca-Petra1833
19IPitigoi, Sabina-Andreea1832
20WCMChicarosie, Ioana-Bianca1815
21WCMStefan, Iulia-Cristiana1802
22WCMIordache, Alexia-Andreea1745
23WCMMaria, Lia-Alexandra1720
24WCMPuia, Alexia-Teodora1638
25IAndries, Alexia1567
26IHoanca, Alexia-Ioana1540
27IIVorniceanu, Alina1511
28IIPetculescu, Diana-Silvana1477
29IIBarila, Stefana1446
30IBadica, Ariana1444

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